Yakima Racks Replacement Parts

Yakima is one of the leading manufacturers of roof racks, cargo boxes, bike racks, ski racks and the list goes on. Yakima is a name that people trust when looking for buying parts and accessories either to replace their damaged/missing parts or just to enhance the storage capacity of their vehicle to a greater extent.

Most parts from Yakima can suit vehicles of all kinds.

Yakima Rack Parts

Yakima roof rack parts are available for all kinds of round, square and factory made Yakima roof racks.

And that is the reason people like Yakima as you can get all kinds of parts and accessories either to replace the damaged ones or to enhance your vehicle storage capacity.

yakima snaparound mounting bracketsYakima SnapAround Mounting Brackets (SNARs) – Round and Square (QTY 4) – Y8810135

The Yakima SnapAround Mounting Bracket Kit includes 4 brackets that can fit on to any Yakima bike and boat carriers. These brackets are the ones that help you mount your rooftop carriers on to your vehicle’s roof easily and in the most secure manner. These mounting brackets can be used on either round or square roof rack bars. Check the price on Amazon



Replacement Lock Housing for Yakima Q Tower (QTY 4) – Y8870069

This replacement lock housing kit for Yakima Q towreplacement lock housing q towerer includes four set of lock housings. These lock housing fit in the base of the Q towers so that you can mount the single key system locks and can also hold the Q clips.

Replacement Pads for Yakima RailGrab Roof Rack Towers – Qty 4 – Y8880147

The replacement pads for Yakima railgrab towers replaces the worn out/ damaged pads in the railgrab towers. These pads form a cushion between the rails and the roof rack towers.




replacement-q-tower-without-camReplacement Yakima Q Tower without Cam Cover Assembly – (QTY 1) – Y8880048

The replacement Yakima Q tower without a Cam Cover assembly replaces one Q tower with a newer body of your Yakima roof rack system and also the clip holder need to be bought separately.

If you have problems with the old Q towers, then you need to replace both the Q towers.

These Yakima Q towers works as a base for vehicles that doesn’t have rain gutters or factory racks installed. Made from die-cast interior, these Q tower can provide good support to your roof racks.

Yakima Replacement Parts

Yakima spare parts are available at all online sites, where you can avail replacements for all damaged, lost or missed out parts. All you need to specify is the correct part number for the replacement part, and it will be shipped immediately to your doorstep.

replacement-adjustment-knobs-railgrabReplacement Adjustment Knobs for Yakima RailGrab Roof Rack Towers – Qty 2 – Y8880148

Adjustment knobs tend to wear out easily and hence its important check the condition of these knobs regularly and you can get 2 adjustment knobs and screw with this kit, for your Yakima rail grab roof rack towers.

These knobs helps in securing the claws to the claw holds in the rail grab towers, so that you can adjust the towers vertically. These replacement knobs fits perfectly for Yakima RailGrab roof-rack towers Y00138, Y00139, and Y00140.

Replacement “F” Pad for Yakima Q Tower (QTY 1) – Y8810097

The replacement pad kit for the Yakima Q tower are vehicle specific pads that are made of rubber and gets installed on the bottom of the Q towers to act as a cushion between the tower and the roof of the vehicle, so that there are no scratches or dents formed because of the q tower installation.

These Yakima rack replacement parts are available online can can be ordered easily.


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