Yakima Cargo Carrier Parts

Yakima is a trusted brand in providing quality roof racks, cargo boxes, bike racks, ski racks and all kinds of storage solutions for your vehicle.

Yakima is also known to produce some of the cheapest cargo boxes, but made of quality material that can withstand all kinds of weather and provide longer lifetime than other boxes available in the market.

One such example is the Yakima Skybox 12 cargo box is an ideal choice for a cargo box that can provide you extra space and also makes your life much easier when you hit the road.

The cargo boxes from Yakima helps you to carry all kinds of gears and stuff in the most hassle-free manner ever.

Yakima Cargo Box Parts

When it comes to wear and tear, it is unavoidable, as every product comes with a particular life period and you definitely need to replace it at any cost. Yakima has replacement parts for all of its products and can be purchased easily online, if you tell the replacement part nos. easily.


Yyakima sks lockakima Same Key System (SKS) Lock Cores (QTY 4) – Y07204

Your cargo box is not secure unless your roof rack is strongly held on to your car. You can use the SKS Single Key System Lock cores to ensure that you have a single key to open all locks including the cargo box, roof racks etc.

Since you can’t always be looking after your cargo box, an SKS lock cores systems is pretty much important for your cargo safety.

With Yakima SKS lock cores, you are free from having different locks for different areas, but have a single key that can open all your storage areas etc.


Replacement Front Lid Support for Yakima SkyBox 18 and SkyBox 21 Rooftop Cargo Boxes 2009 and Newer

This replacement Front lid support is to provide ample support for cargo box to be open while you loan or unload stuff from your cargo box.

Since you open/close the cargo box number of times during your trip, it is possible that your lid support may get worn out or get damaged in due course of time, and hence it is important to be replaced for easy handling of your cargo box.

Replaces front lid support for Yakima SkyBox 18 and SkyBox 21 rooftop cargo boxes 2009 and newer and also fits the following models including Y07337, Y07198, Y07336, and Y07197 1 Front lid support included.

Yakima Q Tower Parts

Yakima Q tower Replacement parts are easily available online that you can get replacements for all damaged, lost or missed out parts.

All you need to specify is the correct part number for the replacement part, and it will be shipped immediately to your doorstep.

Yakima Q Clip Set

yakima q clip set reviewQ clips are the essential parts for a Q tower assembly to get completed. These Q clips are made up of stainless steel and helps to secure your roof racks securely to your vehicle.

These are only sold in pairs. And to install a Q tower onto your vehicle, you need at least two sets of Q clips. The Q Clips set comprises of 2 sets of Q Clips, two base pads and two vinyl pads.

Yakima Q Clip Vinyl Pads

yakima q clip vinylThe Yakima Q Clip pads acts as the base for your Q towers and act like a cushion between the Q tower and your vehicle, so that fitting the Q tower doesn’t damage your vehicle. These pads are made up of rubber so that there are no scratches or dents made in your vehicle, while loading/unloading stuff from the top of your vehicle.



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