Thule Cargo Box Replacement Parts

Thule is one of the popular roof rack manufacturers in the world known for some of the best in line cargo boxes, roof racks and accessories. Whenever people think about a storage solution for their car, one of the brands that come to their minds instantly is Thule.

And another reason that Thule has a great reach among its customers is because of the large line of parts and accessories including endcaps, tie-down straps and wingnuts etc., that they make your life so much easier when you hit the road.

You can find replacements parts for all kinds of cargo boxes including the Thule Atlantis 1600.

Thule Cargo Carrier Replacement Parts

It is natural that every product has a life time and you can expect some of the parts to get old or lost and because of that you don’t need to dump the entire product itself, but just replace the worn parts to have your product back to working condition.

Thule Replacement Quick Grip Mount Assembly



This replacement quick grip mount assembly replaces the damaged parts on all Thule Cargo boxes including Atlantis, Ascent and Force. This helps in attaching your cargo box to the roof in a safe and secure manner.

Fits the following Thule models:

Ascent (TH602, TH603, TH604, and TH605)

Atlantis (TH685, TH685BXT, TH685XT, TH686, TH686BXT, TH686XT, TH686B, TH687, TH687BXT, TH687XT, TH687B, TH688, TH688BXT, TH688XT, and TH688B)

Force (TH623, TH624, TH625, TH626, and TH628)

Replacement Easy Snap Mounting Kit for Thule Cargo Boxes

replacement-easy-snap-mounting-kitThe Easy Snap Mounting Kit helps to mount your cargo boxes over all kinds of roof rack bars including round, square or factory made roof rack bars. This also can upgrade the original or discontinued Quick Snap mounting hardware.

The Mounting Kit consists of :

  1. 4 EasySnap housings.
  2. 4 Rubber gaskets.
  3. 4 U-bolts.
  4. 4 Plastic strips.
  5. 2 Tie-down straps.

Replacement Tie-Down Strap for Thule Roof Mounted Cargo Boxes

This tie-down strap helps to secure your cargo box on to your roof rack bars. If you didn’t install any mounting assembly over the roof rack bars, then the simple and convenient option is to secure the box with your roof rack assembly using these cheap tie-down straps that can loop through slots available in the cargo boxes, so that the cargo boxes are held tight against the roof rack bars.

The Tie-down strap also helps in keeping your cargo box in-tact during high-speeds and not allow your box to shift places while on the road.

Thule Cargo Box Parts

Thule Replacement parts are available at all online sites, where you can avail replacements for all damaged, lost or missed out parts. All you need to specify is the correct part number for the replacement part, and it will be shipped immediately to your doorstep.

Replacement Wingnut for Thule Cargo Boxes

When you’ve been using your cargo box for years, it is common for your carriage bolts and wing nuts to become rusty and you need to replace it immediately.

Thule Replacement Lid Lifter Hinge for Thule Cargo Boxes

replacement-lid-lifter-hing It is common that you could get your lid lifter hinges to be damaged soon than other parts of the cargo boxes, as these hinges suffer the most when you constantly open and close the boxes a lot of times during a camping trip, and imagine what could happen over the course of 10- 15 trips.

It is pretty easy to replace, as you can just use a plier to remove the existing hinge and just push the new ne on to the screws until you hear a popping sound and that it, you are done.



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