How to store Yakima Skybox in garage?

Yakima Skybox cargo boxes are the most preferred storage solutions when you need to free up a lot of space in your car, and haul all your gears and stuffs on top of your vehicle.

Everyone will do a lot of homework in selecting the best cargo boxes to suit their budget, carrying capacity, materials they are made up of and for the long lasting capabilities.

But one more important factor, one should need to consider before buying a cargo box, is where and how do they intend to store the boxes when you are not travelling.

When you are out on the road for your weekend trip, the cargo box will stay on top of your vehicle, but once your trip is over, it should have a place for itself in your garage.


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Hanging from the Ceiling

So it becomes an important factor to consider before you go buying a cargo box.

If you have a very big garage, then it shouldn’t be a problem, as you can store anywhere you like. But if you have a small garage you can’t store anywhere, the only solution is to go up.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of storage box lifting solutions, to lift the box from the top of your car and also provide space for your box to stay on top of your garage.

Wall Hanging

One more option available to store your Yakima Skybox 12 cargo boxes is by mounting your boxes on a wall hanger, if you don’t have much room on the top and lesser floor space.

Some of these wall hangers can be fitted to any kind of walls, including wood, plaster or bricks too.



  • Installing these hanging solutions are easy.
  • Products from branded companies comes with quality materials.
  • They are also easy to use.
  • Suspending from the ceiling or hanging on the walls, these save a lot of space in your garage.
  • Some of these hoisting solutions can support up to 100 – 150 lbs and since most of your.
  • Yakima skybox 12 cargo boxes weigh less than 60 lbs, it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • The wall hangers are cushioned with pads to prevent your cargo boxes from getting scratches and scuffs.
  • Most of the hoisting and wall hanging solutions comes with a DIY manual, so you can install it by yourself.
  • Some even come with a tie-down strap to provide additional protection for your Yakima skybox 12 cargo boxes.


  • If your ceiling is equipped with joists, then you need to buy additional brackets and the direction of the joists determine whether you need to attach and additional wood frame to install the hoist.
  • Even though these solutions are equipped with a lot of safety mechanism, there is still a possibility of your boxes coming crash to the bottom if not installed or handled properly.


It is up to you to decide on whether to store your cargo boxes in your garage by suspending from the ceiling or hanging in your walls based on your garage size. But it is always better to store it somewhere than place it on the floor, as you have lots of chances to damage the cargo boxes.

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