Yakima Skybox 21 Series

Everyone while buying a car, they look for all the latest features and technology, and additionally they look for space for keeping luggage. Many a times though the car looks big but practically arranging the luggage becomes a problem. 

How about arranging the luggage on the car roof top? Placing the items without any support on the rooftop is not safe. It will be safe and good to place all the items in a large cargo box.  One of the most widely popular and often used brands is Yakima, and this brand has the right product Skybox Pro 21.

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A brief introduction of Yakima Skybox Pro 21

yakima skybox pro 21

We might be excited in planning for an amazing trip or an outing, but packing might not be that exciting without the Yakima Skybox Pro 21.

We are content and happy when all the required items for our trip or outing are inside the car.

Our trip / outing will not be exciting when even we leave one item back at home. Our things can be left, but cannot leave children’s things.

Yakima is someone who is designing accessories for automobiles for more than two decades, has designed the Skybox Pro 21, which is of great use.

This roof box is designed to sit comfortably on top of the car, which can carry all that you need for your trip.

Yakima Skybox Pro 21 is the largest cargo box in this brand.
Dimensions92 x 36 x 18 in
Volume21 cubic feet
Manufacturer WarrantyLifetime
Opening2 sides
Recommended UseTravel

What all features to be considered in choosing the Skybox?

Few specific features are a must when looking for a Skybox, they are as follows:

  1. The Skybox must be stable and safe for our usage
  2. The hardware must have locking system
  3. The product must be versatile as per our usage
  4. The cargo box must be large enough to carry large amount of items
  5. The hardware must be comfortable to carry delicate and fragile items
  6. The Skybox must be easily handled
  7. The Skybox must be easy to install and easy to uninstall
  8. The cargo box must look sleek and stylish
  9. Regardless of sun, snow, rain, hail, fog, precipitation the cargo box must protect our package
  10. Overall the along with the cargo box, our vehicle must look beautiful




Yakima Skybox Pro 21 is largest of the Skybox series in Yakima brand. It has a height of 92 inches, width of 36 inches and depth of 18 inches. The volume of the cargo box is 21 cubic feet that is almost can have a capacity of 595 liters of water. It can carry as much as 6 pairs of ski- boards / 4 snow boards. When compared to the load it can carry, its weight is lesser. This light weighted cargo box weighs 76 pounds.


The box has a good security system as it has a lock system. The locks are unique as it is Yakima SKS, which means same key system. The key of any other Yakima product can be used with this Skybox by changing the lock cores. The keys are soft and can be easily bent


The body material of the cargo box is made up recycled ABS plastic. This makes the box weightless, weather resistant. Yakima Skybox can be used in rain, snow, hail, precipitation kind of climates. The Skybox is coated with scratch resistant, hence does not show scratches and easy to clean. All these factors increase the durability of the roof top cargo box.


This installation of the Yakima Skybox is very simple and quick, as it requires no accessories or tools. This cargo box requires no new rack system if the automobile already has one. This hardware can fit onto rack systems which are round, square or factory crossbars.

The crossbars can be as short as 24 inches and up to 42 inches. To place the any other box on top of the car requires two persons strength, but in case of the Yakima Skybox one person can easily lift it.

yakima skybox 21 installation

Design and Appearance

Appearance of the box is shiny black finish. It is designed such that it can manage the wind drag during the car travel. It has streamlined shape, sleek body. The box has an elegant look, as the rear end of the box is angled inwards. The lid is designed for easy open and closing of the box. The lid is rigid ensuring safety.


yakima skybox 21 review


Along with the hardware, cargo net and cargo pad is provided.
The cargo net enhances the security as it avoids the rattling of the items inside the box, when it is not fully packed. The dimension of the cargo net when not stretched is 32 inches in height and 20 inches in width, with 4 inches square partitions. Inside the box there are eight attachment points to hook the cargo net.
The central space is covered by the cargo pads, thought the sides remain uncovered. This is a simple protection for the bottom of the Skybox, to avoid the items from sliding.


  • The box is light weighted, can be easily lifted
  • Yakima Skybox is tool free installation
  • Quick to install and remove
  • The Skybox pro 21 can be placed on round, square and factory crossbars
  • The design is such that hatch interference is reduced due to tapered rears
  • The box has a good security system
  • The locks are same key system, hence we can have just one key for various other Yakima products
  • The lid of the Skybox can be opened in both driver seat side and from the passenger seat side.
  • The lid is rigid for easy opening and closing with the help of reinforcing ribs
  • The box is weather resistant, protects from rain, snow, sun.
  • The box has a lid which closes tightly
  • The roof top Skybox produces minimal wind drag
  • The coating of the box is scratch resistant
  • The design is such that it can fit in large amount items inside for a long trip.
  • Lever handle is provided along with key
  • The box has three latch points on each side of the box to ensure that the box is shut properly
  • The gloss finish of the Skybox complements your vehicle
  • Yakima Skybox pro 21 is one of the largest box of the Yakima series


  • Skybox pro 21 are available only in black shade, sometime does not go with a silver shade car
  • Black color absorbs more heat, this might not be fine
  • The box hinges are made of plastic instead of metal
  • The key of the Yakima Skybox pro 21 are soft that enough to bend easily.
  • Only when the box is locked, the key can be removed
  • More pressure needs to be applied to the lever handle to open the box
  • Since the box is cavernous, need to be careful as not to exceed the box load limit
  • The cargo pad provided along with the Yakima Skybox pro 21 is of not much use as it does not cover the bottom completely


The pros are more than the cons, the Yakima Skybox pro is worth the penny. As this box can fit a pair of ski boards, snow board, 4 adults luggage may be you can still add a fishing rod in it, you cannot miss anything that you might need for your weekend trips. With this box you can plan for trips very frequently.

What if the color does not match your car, you can put in extra money an get the color changed but the amazing box cannot be missed from your shopping cart as it has the more features than any other cargo box. If your car has no roof rack, then additionally you need to purchase roof rack, to place the Skybox.

The roof rack of your car must be strong enough as the load limit of the Yakima Skybox pro 21 is depends on the roof rack.

Storage of the box is quite difficult, as it is big can’t place it on top of the car always. The box needs to be placed in the garage rafters.

Yakima Skybox 21 has good customer reviews and good customer ratings.

If you are looking for a stylish, comfortable cargo box, then Yakima Skybox pro 21 is the best.


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