Yakima Skybox 16 Series

 Introduction to Yakima Skybox 16yakima skybox 16 carbonite

The best way to expand the luggage space in the vehicle is by having a cargo box, all the items packed into it. This makes your car extraordinary. Skybox 16 provides a strong rooftop cargo box. This durable and flexible cargo box makes us all set to carry them. Your items are safe and secure inside the box, and complementing your car.


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The cargo box has an external dimension of 81 inches in length, 36 inches in width, and 15 inches in height. This box weighs about 47 pounds and has a capacity of 16 cubic feet. The internal length of the cargo box is approximately 70 inches.

This box weighs about 47 pounds and has a capacity of 16 cubic feet. The internal length of the cargo box is approximately 70 inches.

Appearance and Design

The cargo box has a black matte finish. The Skybox 16 appears to have a sleek, streamlined body shape, to reduce wind drag. The elegant looks are given by, inward angling of the rears of the skybox 16. The skybox has a rigid lid compared to other boxes.

Ease of opening and closing is supported by the ribs. The lid is quite wider so that we can open and close the cargo box with one hand. Pulling the cord and plastic hinges is also provided.  Dual access to the box is provided, that is items can be accessed from the box through driver and passenger side.


SkyBox 16 is  safe and secure as it is provided with a lock. The locks are SKS, same key system, which means you need one key to access all the other Yakima products by just changing the cores of the lock. The key cannot be removed unless and until the cargo box is locked; this makes sure that you don’t lock the key inside the Skybox.


This Yakima Skybox needs no tools for its installation. It is simple and quick. The cargo box can be fitted on round, square crossbars. It is designed to sit on a Yakima roof rack.

Still, you can place it on a roof rack that comes along with the car, or else you need to buy one. It doesn’t weigh that heavy and can be lifted by a single person, not like other brand cargo boxes which require two persons.


The Yakima skybox 16 is highly durable and is versatile. Recycled ABS plastic is used to make the cargo box, thus making it light weighted. The box is also weather resistant that is, it can withstand heat, snow, rain, hail and precipitation. It is wear and tear resistant. As an additional accessory cargo net is available along with Yakima skybox 16, this is optional.

Introduction to Yakima Skybox Pro 16s


yakima skybox pro 16sThis is the next version of the Skybox is Skybox Pro 16s. It is just the extended version of the Yakima Skybox 16. All features are same with a few minor changes.




The dimensions of the Skybox Pro 16s are same as Skybox 16, that is its length is 85 inches, height is 15 inches and width is 36 inches. The capacity of the Skybox Pro 16s is 16 cubic feet, and weighs around 47 pounds.

Appearance and Design

The appearance of the Skybox Pro 16s has a glossy look. This extended version has aerodynamically designed streamlined sleek body which is same as Skybox 16.

Lids are rigid, with dual side opening from both driver and passenger sides. Rears of the roof top cargo box are angled inwards from top to bottom.

A box is provided with cords which are used to pull down and shut the box. Even in this product plastic hinges are provided.


SKS lock systems are equipped in this version as in Skybox 16; hence the roof top cargo box is safe for adventure trips. For other features, you may read the guideline for Skybox 16 and easily can get enough information.


The Skybox Pro 16s facilitates tool free installation, which is quick and easy. This skybox also can be fitted on round, square and factory crossbars. The Skybox can be placed on the roof rack of minimum length of 24 inches and maximum of 42 inches.


If needed to mention about minor difference between these two models, first thing that coming to mind will be anti-scratch feature. Skybox Pro 16s has been coated with scratch resistant unlike the Skybox 16. Hence the cargo box has a clean look.

This box is also made of recycled ABS plastic. It is also light weighted, weather resistant. Overall the Yakima skybox pro 16s is long lasting.


As we mentioned before on our posts, Yakima products has some accessories that makes carrying cargo better.

These are Cargo net and Cargo pad which come along with Skybox Pro 16s

Yakima LoadWarrior Stretch Net

Distcargo netracted by the rattling sounds as your stuff slides around in your LoadWarrior, MegaWarrior, or the BasketCase rooftop basket?

A net can do wonders for you in that instance. Measuring around 32×20 inches when not stretched, the net can be hooked to the eight attachment points that are present inside the box only.

And for those thinking to go with the bungee cords anyway had better factored in the fact that the net makes for a bigger secured area.

Yakima Crossbar Pad


cargo padEven though the mounting hardware itself will remain exposed, the cargo pad contains the space at center, offers protection, and ensures your things do not slide around. Any advice stressing to go with carpet padding or yoga mat appears to be naïve given that it means placing your valuables in a risky scenario.

When the box is not completely packed the rattling of the items inside the cargo box, is avoided by the cargo net, thus ensuring security. The dimension of the cargo net when not stretched is 32 inches in height and 20 inches in width, with 4 inches square partitions. To hook the cargo net, inside the box there are eight attachment points provided.

Cargo pads are used to cover the bottom of the Skybox. The sides of the box still remain uncovered, as the pad size is small. This is a simple protection for the bottom of the skybox, to avoid the items from sliding.

Difference between Skybox 16 & Skybox Pro 16s

Here are a few differences:

  1. The Yakima Skybox 16 is available only in matte black, whereas Skybox Pro 16s is available in two colors; black and gray, with a glossy finish.
  2. The Skybox Pro 16s is protected by a scratch resistant, giving an extra durable feature. This is not present in Skybox 16
  3. Yakima Skybox 16 does not come with any accessories, whereas in Yakima Skybox Pro 16s, cargo net and cargo pad are available.
  4. In some versions you get solar powered light inside the Skybox Pro, whereas this is not available in normal version
  5. The difference is minor, otherwise both the cargo boxes are just the same, their size remains same, hence serve the purpose.

Pros of Skybox 16 and Pro 16s

Skybox 16 and Pro 16s have been well accepted in the market and are often favored by the customers for a number of advantages that each of them offer. The common pros are:

  • Skybox gives an elegant look, and complements your car.
  • The sleek body reduces the wind drag.
  • This roof top cargo box is not heavy, hence easily to carry.
  • Requires tool free installation.
  • Easy and quick installation and uninstallation
  • The box can be fitted on any kind of crossbars, say it round or square.
  • The design is such that hatch interference is reduced due to tapered rear
  • Locks facilitate enhanced security.
  • Also the lid in the skyboxes is rigid and shuts tightly
  • The Yakima skyboxes have three latch points on each side, ensuring the shutting of the lid properly.
  • Lever handles are present in the Yakima cargo boxes.
  • Dual side open and close access for the box is provided. This gives easy access of the box from any side of the box.
  • The skyboxes are weather resistant, can be used in rain, hot sun, snow, precipitation and hail.
  • Yakima skybox pro 16s has scratch resistant
  • The roof top cargo boxes are large enough, to carry many items.
  • These boxes are long lasting
  • These boxes do not interfere the driving as they produce minimal noise.
  • Fuel consumption is minimally increased say less than 5 percent.
  • Cargo net and cargo pad are extra accessories that are available along with skybox pro 16s
  • Skybox 16 and Pro 16s are cost effective products.

Cons of Skybox 16 and Pro 16s

The common cons of these two models are:

  • Yakima Skybox 16 is available only in the matte black shade, this does not compliment with a different color automobile.
  • Many a times the glossy surface easily shows the scratches on the Skybox 16’s surface.
  • Black color absorbs more heat, this might not be fine.
  • Plastic hinges are provided, which breaks often. Metal would be better.
  • The key of the Pro 16s are soft that enough to bend easily.
  • Everyone has tendency to add the box key to car key bunch, in this case unless until the box is closed, we cannot drive the car.
  • Lever handles in the box are too tight, needs more pressure to open or close the cargo box.
  • Never exceed the cargo box load limit, as the box is cavernous, the box cannot withstand the weight, might break your roof racks.
  • The cargo pad provided along with the Pro 16s does not have much use as it does not cover the cargo box floor completely.
  • The Skybox 16 or Pro 16s is not large enough to place a pair of skis not bigger that 170 cms (5.5 feet). The in box capacity is lesser when compared to Skybox 21 which has a capacity of 21 cubic feet.


Let us sum up about these two Skyboxes. In all kinds of climate, the Skyboxes seem to keep items inside the box nice and dry. With the cargo box on top there are no issues in driving as there is minimal wind drag. Sometimes when there are strong cross winds, our driving is disturbed because of wind drag and noise.

The roof rack must be versatile and be an ultimate fit for your cargo box. For people who are budget conscious, buying the right one with the limited budget should not lead them to buy a less specialized product. Buying the Yakima brand products gives you highly good quality accessories for your car, in your budget.

The Yakima Skyboxes have very much good customer’s reviews and customer ratings are high, hence no one can resist from buying it. Yakima is worth the penny.

Storage of the box is quite difficult, as it is big can’t place it on top of the car always. With this Yakima Skybox 16 or Pro 16s on your car, you cannot miss the fun on your vacation or trip. Yakima promises to carry a lot of memories back from your trip.

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