Yakima Skybox 12 Series : Carbonite vs SkyboxPro

Introduction to Yakima Skybox 12 Carbonite


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Yakima Skybox 12 Carbonite is very much suited for a weekend camping excursion, road trips and snowboard and ski adventures.

It provides 12 feet of storage capacity with sleep profile.

You do not need to stuff your vehicle to the brim as Skybox frees up these spaces in your rear hatch or trunk while you are carrying your friends or family.


Dimension92 x 26 x 18 inches
Size12 cubic feet
Weight57.5 pounds
MaterialABS plastic
AccessoriesIntegrated SKS Lock System
Manufacturer warrantyLifetime

What should be considered when choosing Skybox 12 Carbonite?

If you are going for camping and needs your skis or snowboards to take with you then it is the best option which we can say same words for other Skybox models.

It can also fit all of your kayak paddles, whitewater rafting paddle, tents, sleeping backs and large backpack so it is good for travel, tour and camping.


  1. Aerodynamic, sleek, Carbonite textured lid
  2. Designed with the internal lid stiffeners which provide durability and easy to open and close
  3. SuperLatch security ensures the lid tied securely to its base, keeping your gear safe
  4. Dual side opening provides the easy on both sides
  5. Tapered design helps to reduce the interference of the hatch


It is available in many sizes which are Lo, 12, 16, 18, and 21 cubic feet. Its dimension is 92.00 inches length, 24.00 inches width and 16.00 inches, Height and weighs approximately 41 pounds.


It comes with Super Latch security system which guarantees the safety of your lid secured to its base and thus provides safety to your staff. Due to its aerodynamic design, there is less vibration or sound.


Yakima Skybox 12 is very much durable as well as versatile. Made in the USA, this cargo box is made from to 80% recycled material making it lightweight.

Skybox can also withstand any weather condition and remain undamaged in snow, rain, hail, precipitation or heat.


For installation of Skybox 12 Carbonite, your car must have a rack system. No assembly is required for installing the cargo box.

Removal is also easy and can be removed tools-free from the vehicle.

Fitting Yakima Skybox 12 on your vehicle do not take much time and it can be installed in any type of rack system circular, rectangular or factory made.



Design and Appearance

Yakima Skybox has new carbonite dimpled textured finish which can provide the complement to the look of your car. Its appearance is very nice and its sleek automotive finish makes it scratch resistance. It is available in black color.


yakima skybox 12



SKS Locks are given as accessory with Skybox 12 Carbonite.


Introduction to Yakima SkyboxPro 12

yakima skyboxpro 12Yakima SkyboxPro 12 has high gloss automotive finish and sleek aerodynamic design.

It has dual opening for easy loading and loading your luggage and rear of the cargo box is tapered for improved clearance of the hatch.


Dimension96 x 29 x 18 inches
MaterialABS plastic

What should be considered when choosing SkyboxPro 12?

It is ideal for longer road as it won’t hog the crossbar space and can be a perfect for carrying the gear for 2 campers. You can use it to carry your skies or snowboards up to 215 cm.


  1. High-gloss automotive finish.
  2. Aerodynamic design reduces noise and drag.
  3. Dual side opening.
  4. Tapered rear box of cargo box for improved hatch clearance.
  5. SuperLatch design provides good security, ensuring that the lid is always locked.
  6. Fits all kinds of crossbars.


It has a length of 18.5 inches, breadth of 28.5 inches and height of 96.5 inches. It weighs about 59.5 pounds.

Security & Durability & Installation

For these features, will be enough to look at the same guidelines for Skybox 12 Carbonite.

Design and Appearance

Yakima SkyboxPro has a high gloss automotive quality finish for complementing your vehicle. Its sleek and aerodynamic design help to reduce the drag. It is designed with the internal lid stiffeners which add the durability and easy for opening and closing it.


SkyboxPro 12 cargo box comes with SKS Locks core included.

yakima sks lock


Difference between Skybox 12 Carbonite vs SkyboxPro 12

  1. Yakima Skybox 12 Carbonite is only available in black color, whereas Yakima SkyboxPro 12 is available in two colors -onxy and titanium.
  2. Yakima Skybox 12 Carbonite has textured finish, whereas Yakima SkyboxPro 12 has a high gloss automotive finish.
  3. Yakima SkyBoxPro is available at about $5xx but the Skybox 12 Carbonite is available in $4xx.
  4. Yakima SkyboxPro 12 is available in two model variations while Yakima Skybox 12 Carbonite is available in only one model.
  5. Yakima Skybox 12 Carbonite can be used to hold gear up to 3 campers while Yakima SkyboxPro 12 can hold gear for 2 campers.
  6. Skybox 12 carbonite is suited for travel and camp, whereas SkyboxPro 12 cargo box is suited for travel, camp, hunt and fish, sup/surf and multisports.
  7. Skybox 12 Carbonite cargo box has better reviews than Yakima SkyboxPro 12.

Pros of Skybox 12 Carbonite & SkyboxPro 12

  • Both lids can be opened from both sides ensuring you the easy accessibility to all your stuff. It also helps you to easily load or unload your stuffs.
  • Easy and quick installations for both  Skybox 12 Carbonite and SkyboxPro 12.
  • Skybox 12 Carbonite and SkyboxPro 12  work well with rectangular, square and round racks.
  • You can open the box from both the sides of your car.
  • Good aerodynamic design results in reduced drag, less noise and more stability and this result in your saving on fuel.
  • There is reduced drag, stability and less noise due to the good aerodynamic design.
  • Reduction in fuel costs due to great design and less drag.
  • Skybox 12 Carbonite and SkyboxPro 12 is made from 80% recycled materials.
  • Both have SKS Locks included as an accessory.
  • Available in different size according to your need.
  • Skybox 12 Carbonite and SkyboxPro 12 is perfect for holding kits for 2 campers.
  • Weatherproof material and can be used in any harsh condition to protect your accessories.
  • Both are pocket-friendly and available at the nominal price.
  • Minimum and maximum crossbar spreads for these cargo boxes can be 24 inches to 42 inches.
  • Both models have 50% stiffer long lid material which provides easy handling and quiet ride.
  • Both of these products have the good warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Cons of Skybox 12 Carbonite & SkyboxPro 12

  • The load limit restricts you to put accessories below that weight only otherwise it might cause damage to your car.
  • If you have used the full capacity of the cargo box then you might not be able to open or close it with one hand.
  • You cannot drive comfortably if the box is open. You need to lock it properly so that you might not face drag while driving.
  • Sometimes, the glassy finish can have a scratch. So, you need to be careful while loading or unloading into the cargo box.
  • The locks sometimes do not work properly. So, you should make sure that they are locked before starting your journey
  • If you will exceed the load limit of the cargo box, then it might cause damage to the roof of your vehicle.
  • Yakima Skybox 12 Carbonite and SkyboxPro 12 cargo box cannot accommodate the pair of skies which have a length of than 215 cm. The other variations like Skybox 18 Carbonite and SkyboxPro 18 Cargo Box or Skybox 21 Carbonite and SkyboxPro 21 Cargo Box provide more space.
  • The key provided with these brands are very soft which can easily bend. So, make sure that you keep an extra key handy with you while you are out on a trip.


SkyboxPro 12 or Yakima Skybox 12 Carbonite cargo boxes can easily provide the space in your car for carrying all your sports accessories with you. It will also help to keep the dirty skies outside your car.

Your accessories are very safe and dry inside the cargo box from any kind of damage due to weather as Skybox can easily withstand in any weather condition like rain, snow, hail or hot sun.

The aerodynamic design of these boxes ensures that there is less drag and less noise which might not be a good thing for the driver.

Most of the people go for low quality and cheaper cargo boxes which might cause trouble for them later. So, you should not be obsessed with your budget and go for a quality product like Skybox 12.

These cargo boxes are very easy to fit on any kind of vehicle with any kind of the rack system. So, you should not worry about the installation if you have decided to go for it. The installation is very easy and can be done in no time.

If you are not sure about whether the Yakima SkyboxPro 12 or Yakima Skybox 12 Carbonite can fit in your car model, then you can view the reviews of some users.

You can also do some online search to know about that product will fit in your car or not. You can also query some forums or query though the website selling these items.

The present reviews of these items by many users were good and it will help you to decide whether to go for this product or not. Yakima is a well known company for car accessories and the quality they provide.

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