Yakima RocketBox Pro Series

Introduction to Yakima RocketBox Series

Yakima Rocketbox Series is one more proof of Yakima providing cheap and effective solutions for helping you enjoy your road trip, as you never need to worry about carrying all your gears and stuff.

Rocketbox series comes in three different sizes,  Yakima Rocketbox Pro 11, Pro 12 and Pro 14.

These series cargo boxes are extremely lightweight and sports a powerful sleek design.

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All type of Rocket cargo boxes only differ in sizes, but have some common feature which is detailed below :

  1. Dual opening systems allow to open the box from both the sides of the vehicle.
  2. The Rocket cargo boxes are extremely lightweight and looks stylish.
  3. No Assembly is required before mounting the boxes over the top of your vehicle.
  4. Mounting / Dismounting of the box of your vehicle doesn’t require any special tools.
  5. With SKS locks all gear and stuff is safe inside the box.
  6. A protective seal around the lids safeguards your luggage from becoming wet in the rain and in also extreme weather conditions.
  7. Aerodynamic Design of the box reduces the drag and the forward mounting hardware makes it easy for use in smaller vehicles too with improved hatch clearance.
  8. Quick Dial Mounting hardware feature enables the box to fit in all kinds of Yakima square, round or factory made bars.
  9. Aerodynamic Design helps to reduce noise and makes your travel quieter and you almost forget about a box on top.
  10. Cargo boxes are available in black matte with a textured finish.
  11. Push button security features enable the lid to be securely fitted to its base and ensuring safety to all your gears and stuff.

AeroDynamic Design

yakima rocketbox pro 14

Aerodynamic design of the Yakima Rocketbox series considerably reduces the dragging and forwarding in the mounted hardware, thus avoiding hassles while you are on the highway at top speeds.

The hatch clearance has also been increased in the Rocketbox series to enable the boxes to be mounted on small cars also.

Design enables the Rocket boxes to be placed either facing forward or in the reverse position.

Dual-Side-Opening Lid



These cargo boxes series features a dual opening lid to enable people to open from both sides of the box.

Hence it becomes easy to load or unload your gears by standing on either side of the box. The lid is also easy to open and close.

Dual-Side-Opening lid is covered by a protective seal that prevents water or dust from entering in the box.

Yakima RocketBox – Ease of Access

Also, whenever you open the box, the lights inside the box automatically switch on, enabling you to open the box under all kinds of lighting conditions.

When you are using the box to load or unload stuff, you don’t need your hands to keep holding the box open, as the top lifters do the job for you.

And once you are done with the loading stuff, you can just pull any of the strings hanging to close the box.

Quick Dial Mounting Hardware

Quick Dial Mounting hardware enables the Rocketbox cargo boxes to be fitted into all types of Yakima bars, whether square, factory made or rounded bars.

Now you’ve seen some of the unique features of these series, and now you need to look into the details of the different sizes available, so that to have a clear idea of which box will suit your needs perfectly so that you won’t miss out on any of your gears in your next camping or fishing trip.

Yakima RocketBox Pro 11

This cargo box comes in dimensions of 89 x 24 x 15 inches, which means you can load some decent amount of gears and luggage on to the box.

It is available for carrying skis and boards for up to 2 travelers and can fit in skis up to a length of 210 cm.

The sleek style design provides more cargo capacity and is sized perfectly for hauling your skies and boards.




Size89" X 24" X 15"
Storage Space11 cubic feet
Ski/Snowboards LimitGear for up to two travelers
Maximum Ski Length210 cm
Box Weight38 lbs

Cargo Capacity

Rocketbox Pro 11 is better suited for carrying gears for up to passengers and you can carry skis up to a maximum of 210 cm.

The long and sleek design of the Pro 11 box enables you to carry long skis and boards.

You’ll always find space left in the box even when you load all your gears and stuff.

You can easily fit in all your tents, pillows, luggage and other gears into the Pro 11 easily.


  • With 15” in height you can imagine the amount of stuff you can dump into the cargo box.
  • Just takes 5 minutes to mount and dismount the Pro 11 on top of your vehicle.
  • Has a total storage capacity of 11 cubic feet.


  • Average quality materials.
  • Clamps need to be checked often for looseness.

Yakima RocketBox Pro 12

The shortest of the RocketBox Pro Series, Pro 12 is designed to be mounted on small cars and hatchbacks.

Pro 12 provides easy access to your hatchback and also adds additional storage capacity to your vehicle to stuff all your gears for your weekly camping trips.





Size58" X 36" X 16"
Storage Space12 cubic feet
Ski/Snowboards LimitGear for up to two travelers
Box Weight30 lbs


Yakima Rocketbox Pro 12, comes fully assembled and hence no need of assembling any parts on your end before installing the cargo box on your vehicle.

Also the installation will just take 5 minutes and you don’t need any tools except to tighten the screws on the clamps.

It’s easy and simple as you need to just place it on top and tighten the screws in the clamps to tighten the box onto the bars.

Cargo Capacity

Even though the Pro 12 is the shortest box in the Rocketbox series, it is wider than the Pro 11 and hence you can carry large luggages that are not lengthy.

It provides more storage space than the Pro 11 offering 12 cubic feet of storage capacity.  And you can carry stuff for up to two travellers in the cargo box.


  • With 36” wider, you can carry more gears and stuff as it contains up to 12 cubic feet of space.
  • Easy Loading / unloading of Stuff.
  • Easy installation and no assembly required.


  • Not suitable for SUV’s.
  • Long skis and boards cannot be loaded.

Yakima RocketBox Pro 14

The biggest of the Rocketbox Series, the Pro 14 is better suited for SUV’s, trucks and wagons.

RocketBox Pro 14 is huge that it can haul all luggages of your family members on your next road trip.  It seems almost like having a big trunk atop your car.




Size74" x 33" x 16"
Storage Space14 cubic feet
Ski/Snowboards LimitGear for up to three travellers
Maximum Ski Length170 cm
Box Weight38 lbs


Yakima Rocketbox Pro 14 the biggest of the lot sports a storage capacity of up to 14 cubic feet, which means you can go for one big haul and carry all the gears and stuff of around three family members in the box and still could find some space for other luggage.

Skis with a maximum length of 170 cm can be carried inside the cargo box.


  • With a storage capacity of 14 inches you can store a lot of luggage inside the cargo box.
  • Easy installation.
  • No Assembly required.
  • No Tools required for installation.


  • Average quality materials.


One more reason Yakima Rocketbox cargo boxes are preferred by many, as all related accessories are available to enhance the abilities of the cargo boxes to a larger extent.

Some of the important accessories for the Yakima Rocket box series are :

Yakima End Cap

Yakima end caps protect your cross bars from preventing the dust and moisture from entering into the cross bars.

  • Sold in a set of 4
  • Fits Yakima crossbars


Yakima SKS Lock Cores

Provides protection for all your gear and stuff from theft and includes a single system that fits every core in the box.

  • Set of lock cores for Yakima rooftop car racks.
  • Protects your bike, boat, skis, or other gear from theft.
  • Includes key that fits every core in the pack.
  • Comes with 10 SKS cores for immediate and future needs.
  • Also available in packs of 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.


48″ Yakima RoundBars Roof Rack Crossbars

These cross bars fits perfectly to Yakima towers and provide the needed stability for the roof racks and also provides support to the cargo boxes.

  • 48″ long crossbars made from vinyl coated galvanized steel.
  • Includes 2 crossbars.
  • End Caps included with Yakima Towers or can be purchased separately.
  • Crossbars are also available in 58″, 66″, 78″ and 86″ widths; visit Yakima Fit My Car to determine which crossbar length is right for your vehicle.

Pros of Yakima RocketBox Series

  • Yakima Rocketbox Series are extremely lightweight.
  • Aerodynamic design helps to reduce the drag and improved hatch clearance.
  • The Dual side opening lids allow you to open the box from both the sides of the car.
  • Easy to mount/unmount the cargo boxes from your vehicle.
  • Sleek design.
  • The Quick dial mounting hardware enables the Rocket boxes to fit into all kinds of Yakima round, square or factory bars.
  • With a protective seal around the lid, all the gear and stuff inside the cargo box, never gets wet or damaged under any kind of weather conditions.
  • All your gear and stuff is safe and secure with the SKS lock cores that comes included with the box.

Cons of Yakima RocketBox Series

  • The quality of the materials is just average.
  • You need to use both hands to open the cargo boxes, as you cannot open in one hand.
  • Pointed noise structure reduces the storage space, even though is reducing drag and noise.

Will it fit my gear?


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Overall the Yakima Rocketbox Series cargo boxes are preferred for people who don’t want to invest much in a cargo box,  but still need the space available in high profile cargo boxes.

RocketBox cargo boxes sports a sleek and a powerful design and provides you the ability to carry all the gears and stuff like skis, sleeping bags, tents and all fishing and camping equipment’s.

The only drawback is the quality of the materials used, but it saves you some pennies and lets you enjoy your weekend trip.

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