Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket

Introduction to Yakima LoadWarrior 

Whenever you look to expand the capacity of your vehicle, there are a lot of options available. One thing you may look of is to install a cargo box on top of your vehicle, but it can’t fit all kinds of awkward gears and stuff.

Yakima LoadWarrior is a viable alternative for all your storage needs as it provides a lot of flexibility and beats the box in many ways. You can load almost everything from bikes, skis, boats and coolers etc.

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yakima loadwarrior


Design and Appearance

Yakima LoadWarrior cargo basket is a great companion for people who likes to have their gear outside. The LoadWarrior is sturdy, weather resistant and made up of heavy duty steel and incredibly durable. It is extremely lightweight.

Loadwarrior cargo basket is designed in such a way that the front and rear load bars allow to attach other Yakima accessories to carry skies and bikes.

One more characteristic feature of the cargo carrier is that you don’t even remember that you’ve a cargo basket on top, as the drag and noise is considerably reduced with the help of the custom wind fairing.


Yakima has cleverly designed the LoadWarrior to be compatible with their ski, boat and bike racks, so that you free up almost 10 cubic feet of space inside your car, once you install the cargo basket on top of your car.

Loadwarrior offers a lot of flexibility and host of other features like:

  • Yakima LoadWarrior is built using some heavy duty steel to withstand any kind of weather conditions.
  • The cargo basket is powder coated to prevent any kind of corrosion.
  • Built to attach any kind of Yakima accessories.
  • Incredibly durable and lightweight.
  • Ideal cargo basket for people looking to load stuff that is tall and wide.
  • Custom fairing included for noise reduction.
  • An additional 18 inch load capacity can be increased with the help of LoadWarrior Extension.
  • Secure your stuff with the LoadWarrior Stretch Net that is available separately.
  • Cargo Basket are designed to be universal, so that it can fit into any round, square and many factory racks.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • All sorts of gears and stuff can be carried on top of your vehicle with the cargo basket.
  • Secure all your gears and stuff with a cable lock.
  • Use Locking Brackets to lock the baskets to the roof rack cross bars.
  • Load Warriors are good for minivans, small cars and SUV’s.
  • Lifetime warranty provided.


Weight Capacity140 lbs
Weight25 lbs
Dimensions44" x 39" x 6.5"
MaterialHeavy Duty Steel
Recommended UseTravel

Installation of LoadWarrior Cargo Basket

Yakima LoadWarrior rooftop cargo basket is easy to install and only just takes minutes to mount it over the top of your vehicle. You don’t need any special tools or the help of any extra hand, as you can do it all by yourself. The only tools you need are screwdriver and ruler.

Here are the steps that you need to consider :

  1. If you have movable crossbars, then make sure you’ve tightened them.
  2. Assemble all the LoadWarrior tubes, first remove the machine screws from the end of the tubes.
  3. And insert the screws with washers to tighten them.
  4. Attach the Snaparounds to the lower front bar and insert bolts through the washers, fairings and the Snaparounds.
  5. Attach the knobs and tighten them.
  6. Center the basket over the crossbars and make sure not to attach brackets at unstable points.
  7. Make sure they are positioned above the vehicle’s crossbars.
  8. Now position the cover brackets onto the already installed support brackets.
  9. Attach bolts and knobs to tighten the basket
  10. Double check to ensure all knobs are tightened.
  11. Attach the load bar.
  12. All Yakima accessories like bike, boat and ski accessories need to be attached to the
    front of the basket.
  13. Finally, check whether the basket is secure and not sliding along the bars.

Cargo Capacity

Yakima LoadWarrior allows you to carry large loads on your roof-rack crossbars. The Cargo Basket has an overall length of 44 inches, 39 inches wide and a height of 6-1/2 inches.

yakima load warrior review

Source : yakima.com


You can carry all sorts of stuff, including bikes, kayaks and canoes etc., of up to 140 lbs. When coming to larger load carrying capacity, you can either load 3 bikes or a kayak and a bike or just a single canoe or mount up your favorite Yakima Big Powder Hound along with a bike or just load a bike along with 3 kayaks. But care should be taken that the rack weight limit is exceeded.



  • Sturdy, heavy duty steel construction.
  • Customs fairings provided to reduce noise and vibration.
  • Versatile with all kinds of Yakima accessories to carry bikes and boats.
  • LoadWarrior cargo baskets are powder coated to resist corrosion.
  • Galvanized steel construction enables the baskets to withstand any kind of weather.



  • Fits right to the edge of factory cross bars.


Yakima LoadWarrior Stretch Net

Yakima LoadWarrior Stretch Net is used to secure all your gears and stuff from going airborne while you are on the move. cargo net

Yakima LoadWarrior Extension

If you need to extend your load carrying capacity of the basket by 40%, you can go for a Load Warrior Extension.

yakima loadwarrior extension

Yakima Locking Bracket

Yakima Locking Brackets are useful in securing your LoadWarrior baskets with the rack cross bars.

Also, these locking brackets come with locks included.yakima locking bracket


LoadWarrior rooftop cargo basket is one more useful product from the house of Yakima, known for producing some the world’s finest car racks.

Yakima LoadWarrior is an extremely versatile cargo basket that will allow you to dump anything from coolers, luggage, spare tires, boxes or whatever you may think of.

And if you are looking for a cargo basket for your minivans and mid-size cars to carry huge loads, then look further than the Yakima LoadWarrior.

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