Thule Sonic Cargo Boxes

When you hit the road next time for an adventure or a camping trip, then don’t forget to pack your gear in a Thule Sonic Cargo Box, as it offers the most convenient and efficient way to transport all your gear and other stuff.

With its unique, patented AeroNose design, you can never see a cargo box as quiet as a Thule Sonic.


Introduction to Thule Sonic Series

Thule is a world class brand for providing innovative solutions for cargo solutions to assist you in transporting all your gear and stuff, when you are packing for your next adventure trip.

Thule has basically 4 different sizes of its cargo boxes, each differing in its size. Thule often combines convenience with style, and that’s why the pointy AeroNose Design looks stylish, along with reducing drag and noise and thus saves you a lot of fuel, while you are on the road.

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thule sonic




Even though the Thule Sonic have subtle differences they have some common features. The features make the boxes stand out when compared to others:

  1. With a dual opening, Thule Sonic  provide a convenient way to open from both the sides.
  2. These series cargo boxes are available in four sizes, namely, Sonic Alpine, Sonic Medium, Sonic XL and Sonic XXL.
  3. With a patented rear-angled base, it adds up to your trunk clearance.
  4. Made from ABS plastic material, these boxes are much more durable and stylish than other closed cargo boxes available in the market.
  5. With Securelock feature, you never need to worry about your cargo box while driving.
  6. Along with AcuTight Mounting feature, you know exactly when the box has an optimal hold to the racks.
  7. Enabled with expanded mounting points offers mounting in multiple positions and greater stability
  8. They can be easily mounted and removed with minimal effort, thanks to the grip installation system in the Thule Sonic.
  9. These cargo boxes can be mounted atop any type of rack system.
  10. AeroNose Design helps to reduce noise and makes it the quietest cargo box available in the market.
  11. Thule Sonic are available in silver and black colors.
  12. The lids have an anti-torsion feature that enables the lid to be opened and closed easily and also to stand against the test of time.
  13. Rear Angled base prevents the box coming into contact with the roof of the vehicle.
  14. Constructed with a five layered toughened ABS plastic enables the box to resist against any weather conditions, UV rays and other impacts caused while opening and closing the box.

AcuTight Mounting Hardware

Installing Thule Sonic cargo boxes onto your vehicle is just a 5 minute job, thanks to the AcuTight technology available in these cargo boxes.

All you need to do is place the box on top of the racks, so that the clamps are placed at the center over the crossbars and gently tighten the knobs present inside the box.

Once you start tightening the knobs, you’ll hear an audible click sound, which means that the knobs have tightened perfectly, so you can be assured that the cargo box is safe and secure above the car.

If you need to mount these boxes on a vehicle with a smaller roof, then you can move the knobs which are placed on the tracks, to the desired position and just need to give a spin. With anchor points present in the AcuTight assemblies, you can secure your cargo by looping the cargo straps through the anchor points tightly.

acutight mounting hardware


Aerodynamic Design

Thule Sonic with a patented AeroNose technology is exceptionally aerodynamic and along with Hi-Flow Base, the air flows freely between the cargo boxes and the trunk, so that drag and noise is considerably reduced up to 35%, when you compare Thule Sonic with other cargo boxes in the market.

With the air easily passes through the channel between the roof and the cargo box, it also helps to maintain your fuel economy, as the drag is reduced considerably.

Dual-Side-Opening Lid

Thule Sonic cargo boxes feature a dual-opening lid that can be opened from both sides of your car, so that you can load/unload your gear and stuff standing whichever side you are on.

It is easy to open and close, so that you load your gear quickly. The lid is reinforced with tough ABS plastics to last longer and remain easy to open and close.

thule sonic dual opening


Thule – SecureLock

All these Sonic series cargo boxes feature SecureLocks to provide complete security to guard against theft and your gear getting damaged from rain. The keys will not be able to be removed from the lock, unless the box is closed properly or not locked completely and thus making sure that the box will not open automatically when you hit the road.

With a single key system, you don’t need to keep track of multiple keys, but can have a single key to open all your Thule accessories.

Rear-Angled Base

Rear-angled base provided in all Thule Sonic cargo boxes prevents the box from having any contact with the vehicle roof or the hatch door. Since it doesn’t come into contact with anything, you don’t need to remove the cargo box from the top to load anything, but can be opened while the cargo box is on the roof itself.

Rugged Construction

Sonic cargo boxes are made with a five layered toughened ABS Plastic coated with acrylic to stand against any kind of weather and impact. The lid of the cargo box can handle all the pressure and impact caused by the constant opening and closing of the box and not get damaged and not contort over a period of time.

With a high-gloss finish the box looks extremely elegant and adds a touch of class to your vehicle when mounted on the roof.

After seeing all the important features of  Thule Sonic cargo boxes, it is important to analyze all the technical and physical parameters of the cargo boxes in order to provide a clear idea for you to see whether these cargo boxes are the ones that will help you transport all the gears in your next trip.


Thule Sonic Cargo Boxes come in 4 different sizes, so you need to understand the features about each and every box to see which box fits all your requirements.


Sonic Alpine cargo box has dimensions of 96 x 27.5 x 11”, meaning the volume of the cargo is about 283 L, which is enough to pack some decent amount of stuff.Sonic alpine can fit in up to 4 adult skies and a couple of poles without any problems.

But if you want to load it to the maximum, you can pack 5 and 3 pairs of skis and poles respectively. It can hold skis to a maximum length of 216 cm.


thule sonic alpine


Sonic Alpine – Dimensions

  • Size : 96 x 27.5 x 11”
  • Storage Space : 10 cubic Feet / 283L
  • Weight Capacity : 110 lbs
  • Ski/Snowboards Limit : 4-6 Skies, 2-3 boards
  • Maximum Ski Length : 216 cm
  • Box Weight : 40 lbs


Sonic Alpine – Installation

Thule Sonic Alpine cargo boxes are easy to mount/dismount from a vehicle. With the AcuTight technology, you exactly know when the cargo boxes have made a perfect fit with the rack, when you can hear an audible click sound. The box is relatively lightweight and can be mounted on a vehicle by yourself, without needing an extra hand for support.

All you need to do is put it on top of your vehicle, open the box, and unscrew the clamps in the crossbars and screw the clamps tight. That’s it! It hardly takes 5 minutes to mount your cargo box onto your vehicle.

Sonic Alpine – Cargo Capacity

Sonic Alpine can be utilized for carrying only limited cargo as it has only 11 inches of height in between the box, so you can carry a maximum of 4 pairs of adult skies and poles. If you look to carry snowboards and other gear, you can comfortably carry 3 boards and a couple pair of boots.

If you are planning for a camping trip, you can easily fit in tents, sleeping bags, pillows and sleeping pads in the Soinc Alpine

Sonic Alpine – On the road

Alpine is one of the quietest cargo box you can have on top of your vehicle, particularly during cross winds, as it makes no sound at all.


  • With only 11” in height, you can easily slide your minivan into the garage with the Sonic Alpine on top.
  • Hardly takes 5 minutes to mount and 2 minutes to dismount.
  • Has a total capacity of 110 pounds.


  • Not suitable for heavy loading as it’s only 11” tall.
  • Little bit expensive.
  • Pointed nose reduces functional storage area.



Sonic Medium is another Thule Sonic cargo model and its dimensions are of the value 73 x 34.5 x 16” and provides up to 13 cubic feet of storage space and weighs 40lb. It can hold skis or snowboards almost 4-5 pairs of skis that are around 158 cm in length.


thule sonic medium


Sonic Medium – Dimensions

  • Size : 73 x 34.5 x 16”.
  • Storage Space : 13 cubic Feet / 368L.
  • Weight Capacity : 110 lbs.
  • Ski/Snowboards Limit : 3-4 snowboards.
  • Maximum Ski Length : 158 cm.
  • Box Weight : 40 lbs.

Sonic Medium – Cargo Capacity

Thule Sonic Medium cargo box is perfect for people who needs to carry more luggage and have a larger vehicle that can fit in a cargo box that is larger than a Sonic Alpine cargo box.

Having an interior storage capacity of 13 cubic feet, you can easily pack all your stuffs needed for your trip. If you look to fit in only skies and boards, you can pack around 3-4 snowboards comfortably into the box.


  • With 16” in height, you can easily slide in a lot of gears and stuff, but not heavy and oversized.
  • Can fit 3-4 snowboards inside the box.
  • Has a total capacity of 110 pounds.


  • A bit expensive.
  • Not fit for hauling oversized luggages and stuff.




Sonic XL is bigger than the Alpine and Medium models, and the capacity to hold up to 8 pairs of skis. The Sonic XL has dimensions of 90 x 34.5 x 16” weighing around 63 pounds. With a massive 17 cubic feet of interior capacity, this cargo box can be used to haul a large amount of gear and stuff.

Cargo box can hold up to a maximum of 6-8 pairs or skis or 4-6 snowboards as the length of the box has been increased to 201 cm.


thule sonic xl


Sonic XL – Dimensions

  • Size : 90 x 34.5 x 16”.
  • Storage Space : 17 cubic Feet / 481L.
  • Weight Capacity : 110 lbs.
  • Ski/Snowboards Limit : 6-8 skies, 4-6 snowboards.
  • Maximum Ski Length : 201 cm.
  • Box Weight : 51 lbs.

Sonic XL – Cargo Capacity

Sonic XL can be utilized for carrying more cargo than the Sonic Medium as it features 17 cubic feet of storage space. Hence you carry up to a maximum of 6 to 8 pairs of skies of 201 cm in length and poles. If you look to carry snowboards and other gear, you can comfortably carry 4-6 boards.

Sonic XL – On the road

The Sonic XL as like any other Thule Sonic cargo boxes is quieter on the road, as all Sonic boxes have the patented pointed nose design, which reduces drag and noise.


  • Great for all kinds of camping trips, excursions and road trips.
  • Looks sleek and classy.
  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • The lid is very stiff, that makes it easy to open and close.
  • Has a total capacity of 110 pounds.


  • Cannot fit skies above 155 cm in length.


Sonic XXL

The largest of all Sonic cargo boxes is the Sonic XXL. It is a massive box with a huge interior capacity and dimensions of 100.5 x 37.5 x 17” and weighs 57 pounds. It can hold skis to a maximum length of 227 cm and up to 10-12 skis and 6-8 snowboards.


thule sonic xxl



Sonic XXL – Dimensions

  • Size : 100.5 x 37.5 x 17”.
  • Storage Space : 22 cubic Feet / 623L.
  • Weight Capacity : 110 lbs.
  • Ski/Snowboards Limit : 10-12 skies, 6-8 snowboards.
  • Maximum Ski Length : 227 cm.
  • Box Weight : 57 lbs.

Sonic XXL – Cargo Capacity

Thule Sonic XXL can be utilized for carrying heavy cargo and perfect for camping trips and to carry oversized luggage for more than 5 people.

Sonic XXL provides a large and extra spacious storage space for all your gear and stuff, as you can carry comfortably around 12 pairs of skies and a maximum of 8 adult snowboards, if you opt to carry only skies and boards in your cargo box.

If you are planning for a camping trip, Sonic XXL can easily fit in tents, sleeping bags, pillows and sleeping pads in the sonic alpine.

Sonic XXL – On the road

Sonic XXL is brilliant on the road, as you totally forget that you’ve a box on the roof of your car. With a pointed nose design, the drag and noise are considerably low, so that even with a size that large, almost around 17” height, you hear nothing from the Sonic XXL.


  • Perfect for a trip consisting of lot of gears and stuff.
  • Can fit in oversized luggage for 5 people.
  • Hardly takes 5 minutes to mount and 2 minutes to dismount.
  • Can pack skies of up to 227 cm in length.
  • Can load up to 6-8 skies and 4-6 snowboards.


  • Huge in size, and will fit on minivans and large vehicles.
  • Not suitable for small hatchbacks.
  • It is very expensive.


Appearance and Design

Sonic is one the stylish looking cargo boxes from Thule and also come in appealing colors with an extremely classy shiny finish. The cutting-edge AeroNose design makes it one of the most advanced technology wise than any other cargo boxes in the market.

With a dual-sided opening, the Sonic cargo boxes are the easiest to open and close from both sides of your vehicle with a lock that is simple and quick to open.

Most of the models of Sonic  noses have a dimpled pattern, like the one you find on a golf ball, which creates turbulence in the air layers making it more stable at higher speeds and strong winds.

With a unique rear-angled base that tapers to the end of the box at the bottom, which increases the trunk and hatch clearance not found in other cargo boxes in the market. The expanded mounting points allows the box to be placed in multiple positions, either to the mount a bit forward or backward in a mounted rack.

The Hi-Flow technology that has built into the base of your cargo box allow the air to flow freely between the top of your vehicle and the bottom of the box, thus offering a quieter ride. AeroNose technology also reduces the drag and thus enables you to save fuel in the long run.


These series cargo boxes are very easy to mount and remove. It can hardly take 8-10 minutes to mount a cargo box on top of your vehicle. With the help of large knobs found in the AcuTight mounting system, you don’t need any extra tools to mount your Sonic boxes.

AcuTight mounting enables to just mount the box over the rack, and with the natural slip mechanism, they’ll easily find the optimal hold, so that you don’t need to worry about less tightened or stripping out of the knobs.

Sonic boxes are made from ABS plastic material, and hence are lightweight and easy to lift and mount atop the vehicle.

Even though there are different sizes of Sonic cargo boxes available, you don’t need to worry about buying a new rack when you upgrade your Sonic Alpine to an XL model, as all models can fit into any type of rack.

Installation of the Thule Sonic is one of the easiest process that even women can do that without any help from others.

There are Certain Factors that need to be considered before making any decision on cargo box :

  1. What type of vehicle you are using for your adventure trip?
  2. Whether there is already a roof rack is installed in your vehicle?
  3. What kind of luggages will you be taking with you at most of the times in your cargo boxes?
  4. What is the approximate weight you’ll carry per trip?
  5. What is the minimum and maximum budget that you can invest in a cargo box?
  6. What is the duration of your trip in no. of days on an average?

The reason why these factors need to be considered before investing in a cargo box because, if you have answers to all these questions ready before choosing a cargo box, then it will be easy to select the Thule Sonic cargo box, as Sonic boxes comes in various sizes.

So once you know the type of luggage and average weight you may carry for a trip, you can pick the correct size of the cargo box and don’t have any last minute hiccups regarding loading your gear and stuff.

Here is the installation video of Thule Sonic series.


Thule puts a lot of emphasis on security aspects as the product involves transporting all your valuable materials in cargo boxes, while on the road for a trip or some place, and hence the security of all your gears and other things are paramount.

Hence, they’ve come up with a SecureLock feature that provides multi-layered security to prevent against theft and damage against extreme weather conditions like rain or wind.

The SecureLock is designed in such a way that it involves a three lock mechanism, one main lock and another 2 for the hatches, a triple lock feature that provides added security to your valuables inside the cargo against theft and against any extreme weather conditions like rain or wind.


One of the most important reasons the Thule Sonic cargo boxes are the most preferred ones for people who are planning for their camping and excursion trips is because they can buy all kinds of necessary accessories for their Sonic cargo boxes that can enhance the abilities to a greater extent.

The most important accessories that you cannot miss for Thule Sonic Cargo boxes are followings :

Thule 544 Lock Cylinders

Roof racks are the ones that seats the cargo boxes on top of it, and there is every chance that someone can easily remove the racks if it’s not properly safeguarded. The Cylinder locks provide complete security to your Thule car racks and accessories against theft.


thule 544 lock cylinders reviews



Thule Aeroblade Roof Rack Bars

Cargo boxes never fit perfectly and look stylish without an advanced and innovative cross bar like the Thule Aeroblade roof rack bars. These bars are designed specifically to reduce noise and possess superior strength and provides additional safety to your cargo boxes.

With a unique WindDiffuser technology, the Thule Roof Rack Bars are the quietest roof rack bars that you can find in the market. The rack bars are made with box beam aluminium construction to provide additional strength to the roof rack bars.


thule aeroblade



Thule Rapid Traverse Foot Pack

Thule Rapid Traverse Foot Pack provides you with the strongest hold on to your car roof and is very easy to fit on top of your vehicle. It is possibly the best in class roof rack technology you can ever find in the market.

The package consists of 4 Thule End caps that is 4 feet in length, which can be used in the load bars.

You don’t need any more tools or accessories to fit in this bar on to your vehicle, as the AcuTight technology makes sure that the bar is perfectly fit. You can also have options to secure the rack from theft, by locking it with a Thule Lock, but can handle all Thule accessories with one lock using the One-Key system.

MaxClamp technology also enables the vehicle owner to know exactly when the bar is perfect fit with the vehicle, as you hear an audible click sound, when there is a perfect fit.

This allows the user to be free of mind while travelling, whether the roof rack has been properly screwed or not, or roof racks.


thule rapid traverse



Thule Box/Storage Lift

Thule Box/Storage Lifts are designed to be used for removing the cargo boxes in your garages or in workshops. This lift can haul up to 220 lbs of weight when installed perfectly. This can be operated by a single person with the help of the crank to lift the box out of the vehicle.

The Box lift can be mounted easily onto the roof. It can also be used for lifting not only cargo boxes, but also to lift kayaks, canoes, surfboards and other equipment’s to a maximum weight of 220 lbs.


thule box/storage lift





  • Thule Sonic are extremely lightweight, having made in durable ABS plastic.
  • They can be opened on either side of the vehicle offering convenience to the user.
  • With the AeroNose design, Sonic Cargo Boxes don’t add much to your fuel consumption, as the unique design reduces drag and noise and thus saving on fuel.
  • It is extremely easy to mount/unmount these cargo boxes and also takes hardly 5-10 mins.
  • You will almost forget there is a box on the top of your vehicle, as you don’t hear any noise from the above.
  • All your gear and other stuff inside the cargo boxes will never get wet or damaged under any extreme weather conditions.
  • SecureLocks ensure that your lid is closed and locked correctly, or else you cannot remove the key from the locks unless it’s locked.
  • With a high-gloss finish, Sonic cargo boxes looks classy and sleek.


  • Since the cargo boxes are long, it is not recommended for small hatchback cars.
  • The guarantee is only limited for a limited period to all Thule cargo Boxes, and you won’t get any support or service if the guarantee expires.
  • It is not possible to open the cargo boxes in one hand as you need to use both hands.
  • The pointed nose structure, even though is reducing drag and noise, also reduces storage space.
  • A bit expensive from other models available in the market.


Even though there are certain drawbacks attached the Thule Sonic cargo boxes, the positive aspects have outnumbered their opposites, and hence Thule has again proved that they are pioneers of the cargo boxes offering ultimate safety and security.

Thule Sonic provides you the ability to transport all your gear like skies, poles, tents and sleeping bags and everything you need to enjoy an adventurous trip.Thule offers you a variety of sizes, so you can choose the size that fits your needs completely.

When it comes to transporting gear and stuff, most users prefer Thule cargo boxes for its stability and stylish look, and almost 9 out of 10 customers have given positive reviews on the product.


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