Thule Force Cargo Boxes

Introduction to Thule Force

Thule Force Cargo boxes are of 5 different types. Each of them has their unique features and characteristics. The most fundamental difference between the boxes is in size. Each of the boxes differs from each other in some distinct way but all of them are equally desirable.

Even though the Thule Force cargo boxes have subtle differences they have some common features. The features make the boxes stand out when compared to others.

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  1. The features equipped within the Force cargo boxes can be encapsulated in a brief manner as follows:
  2. All the cargo boxes irrespective of the model name have dual side openings, making them very convenient to the users.
  3. The cargo boxes are available in five sizes, namely, Force Alpine, Force M, Force L, Force XL and Force XXL.
  4. All the models are made from ABS plastic adding durability and style.
  5. The boxes have a quick grip installation system allowing the boxes to be placed and removed without any effort.
  6. The boxes are available in only one colour which is matt black.
  7. All types of rack systems can support these cargo boxes and they are drag and sound proof adding a more desirable element to them.
  8. After stating a few overall features possessed by these models it will do you good to analyse and understand each different element and scrutinize the product to see whether it fits your requirements and needs.


The Thule Force Cargo Boxes are of five different types meaning that there will be different dimensions to each and every different box. It will be helpful to look at each box separately in order to understand the different specifications and dimensions of each box.

  • Force Alpine

    The external dimensions of this cargo box are 81.5 x 24.5 x 17”. This means the volume of the cargo itself is about 340L which means that the box can hold up to 50 Kg worth ski or snowboards. The alpine can fit in itself up to 6 pairs of skis and 3 boards. The maximum ski length which can be accommodated is 192cm.

  • Force M

    The Force M is another one of the cargo models and its dimensions are of the value 65 x 34.5 x 16”. The volume of the box therefore can be concluded to be 368L and it can hold ski or snowboards of the length of 150 cm. The number of ski boards or snowboards accommodated are as many as 4. The weight limit of this box is much like the Alpine which is 50 kg.

  • Force L

    Force L is an improvement over the other models stated above, it has the capacity to hold up to 8 pairs of skis and 4 boards due to its dimensions which are 74 x 36 x 16.5”. The weight limit of the Force L is also 50 kg while the volume of the cargo has been increase by Thule to 453L. The maximum ski length has also undergone improvement and has been increased to 173cm which is a much larger length compared to the boxes above.

  • Force XL

    Force XL is a further improved model or a model which has been made larger than the previous ones to suite the various needs of the buyer. The dimensions of the model are 84 x 34.5 x 17”. This has led to the cargo volume to go up to 481 L and the maximum ski length has also improved to 198 cm. the box can now hold 6 ski boards or snowboards and up to 8 pairs of skis. The weight limit is however static in the range of 50 kg.

  • Force XXL

    The last and the largest Thule Force Cargo Box is the Force XXL. As the name suggests it is the one with the largest capacity of 595 L and weight limit of 50 kg. Its external dimensions are 92.5 x 36 x 18”. This has led the maximum ski length to go up to 220cm and the number of pair of skis to become 12 and the value of boards possible to accommodate to 8.

Comparison Chart



One of the classiest looking cargo boxes are the ones by Thule despite the fact that they come in one colour they are extremely appealing and stand out amongst the crowd. The best part is that the different boxes all appear the same and differ only in size.

The ABS plastic makes the box really light and hence making style and comfort unite in one systematic way. The floors of the boxes have ribs and channels adding better grip and giving it a more attractive look.

However the XL and XXL models had to be redesigned as the wind was forcing them open, extra rivets were added to the sides making the cargo lids stay firmly closed.thule sonic dual opening


Installing these cargo boxes is perhaps the easiest task and can be done by anyone. The ABS plastic has made each of the different models light weight meaning that they do not need physical assertion to be installed.

Thule has launched in the market 5 different sizes meaning that you can pick and choose according to the car you own which model will be suitable for you.

Any of the models fit perfectly into any of the cages irrespective of what the style of the cage may be. Installation is a very safe process and does not require any strict difficult procedures.

Many happy customers have reported doing it themselves without any external help. Women also find installing these models very easy. No sort of assembling materials and using tools is needed while you install or remove your cargo box.

The quick grip system allows the users to hold and lift there boxes with relative ease and due to the light weight the boxes do not exhibit any hassles. The setup will only take a few minutes and the rest is just turning some screws manually. Repositioning and removal of these force cargo boxes are also very simple and easy to do.



Are you thinking that if the cargo box is so easy to install and remove will it be safe and secure for you? Are you wondering about whether you can trust such a product? Well the answer is a big and confident yes and here are the reasons why:

  • Overloading is not encouraged, the box will not close if you do not remove the materials touching the hinges and blocking the door. The lock latches are other things need to be free from any blockade. Do not stuff the boxes excessively because it will work against you.
  • Even though there is a dual open system on the lids they do not open both at the same time. They open one at a time, hence the smart thing to do is to make sure that you do not unlock both the sides together. Be smart and unlock it one at a time. The lids can be closed by pulling a strap present on both sides of the lid.
  • The last thing which will surely ensure your security is the lock and key system present within the box. The box is equipped to maintain high security. Understanding the lock and key system is extremely necessary. The central lock will work on three different places the main lock and the two latches which provide a high security and safety element to the cargo box.

The locks must all be aligned in order to ensure that you get the triple security feature. To put the triple lock in place put pressure on the sides and the front and back of the boxes which will surely make sure the cargo box undergoes alignment.

Thule also provides the exclusive one key system which you can configure to go with all your Thule products. This makes security easier and more efficient because you no longer require keeping a track of several keys. Just keep one key safe and it will end your problems.

This security system explained above is applicable to each and every one of the cargo boxes. Therefore where it is the Force Alpine, Force M, Force L, Force XL and Force XXL all of them will keep your belongings safe and secure from theft or damage from the external environment.


There are some additional accessories along with the model which is already provided that come with the packaging. A very interesting packaging which comes along with the main packaging is two quick grip straps which help to hold the model you have bought in place. Without those straps there might be a chance of some movement in the boxes.

The straps hold the cargo box in perfect stability and position so that you can enjoy the maximum benefits.

The package also includes the additional products such as the double keys for the locks on the cargo boxes. Also along with the set there comes a leaflet which is filled with all of the instructions and procedures which you may require while using the Thule Force cargo boxes.

Pros and Cons of the Thule Force Cargo Boxes

The analysis above has revealed the vast usage and ability of the force cargo boxes however for an overview analysis the positive and negative elements which stand out in the Thule cargo boxes must be highlighted.


  • The boxes are extremely lightweight and durable
  • They open on either side and possess a one key lock system which enables highest amount of safety to the product.
  • The gas consumption due to the installation of this box is very marginal and almost negligible.
  • Installation and removal of the cargo boxes are very easy and minimally time consuming.
  • They do not vibrate or create noisy sounds even when the car is travelling at a high speed.
  • The materials put inside like the snowboards and skis do not get wet or harmed under any climatic conditions.
  • There is no chance of opening of the clamps opening.
  • The straps which are attached to the lid make sure the lids are clamped shut.


  • The Thule cargo boxes have a limited guarantee attached to it, meaning that once the guarantee expires you may not get any services to help you out. The only solution is to buy a new one.
  • Some might consider the flexibility of the box to be a positive but with the bigger models it becomes a problem.
  • This is because the box does not want to close due to the high level of flexibility.
  • If you are carrying something in one hand and seek to open the lock with the other hand it is not possible. Both hands need to be used to unlock the lock of the Thule cargo box.
  • The weight capacity of all the boxes irrespective of the size is 50 kg but the catch here is that the loading capacity is 50 kg counting the weight of the cargo box itself. This reduces the carrying capacity of the box as the sizes get bigger.



Despite the fact that the Thule cargo boxes do have certain criticisms attached to it one must remember that the positives are much more in number. Thule Force cargo boxes are the best in the market and the minor hiccups can be overcome very easily. With some practice the alignment of the locks can be mastered but finding a replacement for these boxes is not a simple task.

The cargo boxes are preferred to most of the users and out of a total of 5 the customers have given reviews of 4.5 which is an incredible score. The main things that one should consider is are the people who have already used the products happy with them the answer is “Yes”.

Each size of the cargo boxes have received praise and are recommended for use by both customers and critics.


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