Thule Canyon Cargo Basket

Introduction to Thule Canyon Cargo Baskets

No matter how bigger your car is, you always don’t find enough space, especially at times when you stuff things in your car during your camping or weekend trips. Thule comes to the rescue with a 12 sq. ft. cargo basket which can free up a lot of space inside your car as you can load all your gears and stuff on top of your vehicle.

During the trip and when you are back from an hour long swimming in the lake with your friends, you don’t need all your wet gear and clothes to stink inside your car, and with a Thule 859 Canyon cargo basket, you can always dump everything on top of your vehicle.


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thule canyon basket


Design and Appearance

Thule Canyon cargo basket is a great storage alternative for people who loves to free up more space in their vehicle.

Thule is always known for producing rooftop boxes and baskets of the highest quality combined with superior design. Thule 859 cargo basket is also no exception with its beautiful wedge shaped design.

The basket is designed in an aerodynamic way with wind fairing made available in the front to reduce noise and drag, so that you won’t feel that you have a basket full of stuff on top of your vehicle.

Also the sides of the basket are tapered enabling you load/unload stuff on to the basket easily.



  1. Thule Canyon Cargo Basket comes with a wedge shaped basket that mixes both style and function with a low profile design.
  2. The walls of the basket are tapered, so that it is easier for you load / unload stuff into the basket.
  3. The wind fairing provided in the front of the basket diverts the airflow and hence reducing noise and drag on the basket.
  4. Canyon cargo basket is designed to fit all kinds of Thule roof rack systems, round bars or any kind of factory made bars.
  5. The Basket capacity can be expanded up to 51 cm in length using a basket extension that is available separately.
  6. Also can be locked using the Thule one key lock system
  7. Stabilize your cargo using cross bar accessories that can be purchased separately
  8. With cargo baskets, you can load all kinds of stuff that is large and side, which cannot be loaded into a cargo box.
  9. Extremely durable and lightweight.
  10. Secure all your gears and stuff with a cargo net that is available separately.
  11. Thule cargo canyon basket is good for minivans, small cars and SUV’s.


Load Capacity150 lbs
Height7 inches
Length42 inches
Width46 inches
Weight29 lbs
Dimensions42 x 46 x 7 inches
MaterialLight Weight Steel
Recommended UseTravel


Thule 859 cargo basket comes with a universal mounting hardware, so that you can mount these baskets on all kinds of roof rack systems, either round, square or all kinds of factory made rack systems.

The basket can also be adjusted to be mounted on most of the cross bars. You are also provided with all sizes of U-bolts to help you mount the basket in all kinds of vehicles.

The installation is simple and easy and will take only minutes, which can be done by yourself and you don’t need any help of an extra hand to mount it on top of the vehicle.

Also, there is no need for any special kinds of equipment’s or tools needed for the installation, as you need only the help of a screw driver to tighten the bolts around the basket to secure it with your vehicle.

Cargo Capacity

Thule Canyon  allows you to carry any kind of loads that are in uneven size and width, that cannot be loaded onto a cargo box.

The basket has an overall length of 42 inches, 46 inches wide and 7 inches height and allows you to carry all kinds of gears and stuff. It has an overall carrying capacity of 150 lbs, which means you can load up to 3 bikes or a boat, or 2 bikes and a canoe or just load 3 kayaks along with a bike.


  • Light-weight steel construction
  • Wind fairings provided for noise reduction
  • Can be mounted on all kinds of roof rack systems
  • Allows you to carry all kinds of gears and stuff with the help of Thule Accessories.


  • Bit Expensive


Thule 692 Roof Rack Mount Cargo Basket Net

Thule 692 Roof Rack Mount Cargo Basket Net enables you to secure and hold all your stuff together when you are on the move. It helps in preventing your stuff from getting airborne or slip away from your vehicle when you are driving at high speeds.

thule 692 roof rack mount cargo basket net



Thule Canyon Extension Cargo Basket Accessory

With the help of Thule Canyon Extension Cargo Basket accessory, you can extend the storage capacity of the basket by up to 20 inches.

thule canyon extension



Roof mounted Thule Canyon cargo basket allows you to free up a lot of space in your vehicle, that you’ll be surprised to see that your vehicle has this much of space, when you move your stuff on top of your vehicle on a cargo basket.

Since it comes with a multiple sizes of U-bolts, you can mount the basket on all kinds of rack systems. With a custom wind fairing, the noise is also considerably reduced.

The only thing that stands against the basket is the price, as it is a bit expensive, but considering the brand, Thule you can happily spend some extra money for the quality you can get from a company like Thule.



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