Thule Atlantis 1600 Black Pebble Cargo Box

Introduction to Thule Atlantis 1600 Black Pebble

Who does not like going on trips for biking, trekking, skiing, swimming in the rivers, surfing, touring, kayaking etc.

We cannot rethink of buying a new car for space constraint problem; rather need to think of an alternative idea.

Spacing solution for the items to be placed in the vehicle is provided by Thule, by introducing its cargo boxes and baskets products.

One such cargo basket is Thule Atlantis 1600 Black Pebble cargo box.

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thule atlantis 1600 black pebble


Design and Appearance

The box is designed aerodynamically to minimize the pressure against the wind. The design is such that it can be fitted on to any kind of vehicles. It has a sleek body finish giving stylish look. The front end of the body is slimmed down to minimize the cross wind drags and noise due to winds.

Appearance of the box looks compact and small, but the cargo box provides large space enough to hold many items. The black color of the box makes it classier to use.

Design also provided dual side opening of the box making it more accessible to both driver and co-passenger. The lids are rigid foe easy handling.

Also design includes the provision of secure locking system.

thule sonic dual opening


Dimension of the box is 74 inches in length, 36 inches in width and 16.3 inches in width. It weighs about 42 pounds. The volume of the box is 16 cubic feet. The inside of the box is very much spacious to carry like 6 pairs of skis, 4 snowboards along with the luggage.


This box is well known for its tool free easy installation. Cargo box can be mounted on any kind of factory bars, well suited for SUVs. Installation and uninstallation of the box from your car roof top is done very quickly.

It can be attached to the car’s roof top in less than five minutes. A knob controller is provided in the box that takes no much effort for the two armed pincer mechanism.

It has four of this kind knobs provided at the bottom of the box. There colon tracks present such that it can be moved to match the roof rack configuration of the car.

The grip between the box and the roof rack is strong enough to count on in this knob/clamp mechanism.


Everyone wants their items to be safely locked up while travelling not worrying much about it. For this purpose the box makes use of secure lock technology, which the most convenient system for the box. This provides utmost security system ever needed to the cargo box carrying the items. The box acts safe and secure even from the climatic conditions. A set of two keys are provided to this box.


  1. The box is fabulously designed as a streamlined shape to improve the fuel efficiency and travel is made at faster pace.
  2. Also the sleek body minimizes the wind drag and enforces easy driving.
  3. The dual side opening mechanism of the box makes it effortless to load and unload the items from and to the box.
  4. Ergonomic oversized lock knob is featured in the cargo box. The grasp of the knob is user friendly, such it can be operated even while wearing gloves.
  5. Black pebble finish makes it more stylish, giving an appealing look.
  6. The installation of the roof top box is tool free. The process is quick done in very less time.
  7. The cargo box is big enough to carry about 6-8 pairs of skis, 3-4 snowboards and bags of luggage.
  8. It can carry up to 110 pounds of weighing luggage.
  9. The box can sit on Thule rack system, round bars, factory racks; hence it is suitable for any car.
  10. Box has locking system to secure the items


Cargo box comes with two ties down straps, two lock keys and one user manual. Other accessories if required needs to be purchased. One such accessory is Thule 544 Lock Cylinders for Car Racks (4-Pack).


thule 544 lock cylinders reviews



Thule lock cylinders car racks product has four rugged locks of cylinders. This product can be used to lock all the Thule products. It is featured to provide security to the accessories and roof racks of Thule. This lock has lifetime warranty even against the defects. The installation of this product is very much easy and quick. They lock very well, as they come with extra cylinders. The problem with this product is if it is not locked properly, one push opens the lock giving way to the thieves.


  • Atlantis 1600 cargo box looks stylish.
  • Aerodynamic body results in minimal wind drag and increases the fuel efficiency even with the box.
  • The sleek body minimise the wind noise too.
  • The box has clever scissor mechanism to fix on any kind of roof rack bars.
  • Cargo box can fit in all desired items as the volumetric size is large.
  • Secure lock system makes the items safe inside the cargo box.
  • The key cannot be removed from the box unless it is locked properly making it more safe.
  • The box requires no tools for installation and removal.
  • Knobs are provided to install and uninstall making the entire process quick.
  • Lid of the cargo box is stiff making it easy to open with single hand of the user.
  • Loading and unloading of items are very easy as the box can be opened from either sides.
  • The box comes with a manual guide making it easy for the users.
  • The lock system of the box has two keys.


  • Going for Atlantis 1600 Black Pebble means you get the box in black colour, as it does not match with your automobile if it is of silver finish.
  • The black shade absorbs more heat resulting in damaging any delicate item placed inside of the box.
  • Since the key cannot be removed unless it is locked, this feature is sometimes annoying to people who hang this key along with car key bunch.
  • Same key provided with the locking system of the box cannot be used with other Thule products.
  • The weight inside the box needs to be disturbed evenly for proper balance of the box on the roof top of the automobile as the front of the body is slim.
  • Cargo box comes with limited warranty. When the box is passed over to someone else, the warranty is terminated. The new owner needs to purchase a new warranty for the box.
  • The warranty does not include for scratches, wear and tear, and cosmetic rust.
  • The box length is approximately 178 cm hence the ski length must not exceed this length.
  • No additional accessories are provided along with the Thule cargo box. Everything needs to be purchased which makes the Thule Atlantis 1600 Cargo Box expensive.



Many a times we would have dropped the idea of going on trips due to no extra free space in the car, but now there is no such issues as Atlantis 1600 makes our trips very much successful.Thule Atlantis 1600 Cargo Box as good customer reviews.

Many have said that it did not consume much fuel even with fast driving, strong cross winds, in varying road kinds. The box stands fine even in rains, heavy storms hence it is worth the money.

Few customers have wanted more volumetric space as long ski boards cannot fit in this Thule Atlantis 1600 Cargo Box

No one can stop you from going to trips as the Thule Atlantis 1600 Cargo Box provides the extra space needed. No need to bother the travelling weather as the box provides safety and security. By the use of this cargo box, much space is freed inside the car, giving more space to freely travel inside the car.

Lonely trips do not carry many memories back with us, trips and adventures are exciting only when travelled with our group of friends or complete family. Just because there is no cargo space in our car cannot leave anyone back at home. Thule has made our trips happy as it has given amazing products enabling us to have safe and secure trips.

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