Thule 690XT MOAB Basket (King Rack)

Thule 690xt M.O.A.B is currently unavailable on Amazon.

Please check the newer version of this cargo basket : Thule Canyon Cargo Basket

Thule 690XT is one of the top of the shelf roof top cargo baskets from Thule.

MOAB stands or “Mother of All Baskets” and when you have a look at the cargo basket, you’ll definitely understand why Thule chose this name for this basket.

It is really big, and Thule specially made this rooftop cargo basket for people who like to travel big and have bigger cars.  The 690XT MOAB is mostly suited for SUV’s, 4x4s, Jeeps, minivans and family sedans, and still if you need more space, there is always the extension basket available.

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Roof Racks CentreMarch 6, 2016$$$ – Currently unavailable on Amazon

thule moab 690xt review


Design and Appearance

Thule MOAB 690xt cargo basket is constructed using heavy duty steel to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and is highly durable and also stylish.

The custom polycarbonate wind fairings provided add aesthetics to the design along with reducing the noise, as the fairing divert the air flow and hence you never feel a huge cargo basket with all your stuff on top of your vehicle, when you are cruising the highway at top speeds.


The Thule 690Xt MOAB cargo basket is big plus for anyone who has a bigger family and likes to haul bigger luggages and stuffs during their weekend trips. It gives you added flexibility and more space to carry all kinds of gears like bikes, kayaks, skis, camping tents, coolers etc.

  1. Thule 690XT MOAB cargo basket is constructed using heavy duty tubular steel that is injection moulded and also comes with impact resistant plastics.
  2. The MOAB comes in a beautiful smooth black finish that is also weather resistant
  3. Mounting hardware is included along with the cargo basket, so that it can fit on all kinds of roof rack systems
  4. A polycarbonate wind fairing is provided for aerodynamics and noise reduction.
  5. An additional loading space of 18 inches can be obtained using a MOAB extension basket.
  6. Highly durable.
  7. Easy to install the MOAB on to your vehicle and also easy to remove using the QuickMount hardware.
  8. Carries up to a massive 165 lbs of baggage and stuff.
  9. The MOAB can be secured to the roof rack system using the Thule one key lock system.
  10. Lifetime warranty provided for the Thule MOAB cargo basket.
  11. Suited for 4x4s, SUV’s minivans, jeeps and wagons.


Load Capacity165 lbs
Height6.5 inches
Length44 inches
Width39 inches
Weight45 lbs
MaterialHeavy Duty Steel
Recommended UseTravel


Assembly is required on most of the larger cargo carriers across all brands and it’s the same with Thule MOAB as well.

The package comes in two main pieces along with a set of screws, load bars and a lot of smaller parts.

When you look at the no of items, it seems daunting, but if you go by the manual provided along with the package, assembling the MOAB should not be a hard task at all.

The Installation of the basket also takes less time once you’ve assembled it completely. The MOAB basket fits to all types of cross bars.

The 690xt carbo basket needs to be attached to the crossbars using the adjustable mounting brackets, which snaps on with a plastic cover for additional protection.

Cargo Capacity

With an overall carrying capacity of 165 lbs and total length of 44 inches and 39 inches wide, this is one of the biggest roof top cargo baskets from Thule.

With 7 inches in height, you can be rest assured that your cargo will be secure. 165 lbs is really huge and if you still think you need extra space,  you can always buy a MOAB Extension 691XT to have an additional 18 inches of space.


  • Heavy Duty steel construction.
  • Polycarbonate custom wind fairings for aerodynamics and also to prevent noise and drag.
  • Fits on all kinds of roof rack systems
  • Can carry up to 165 lbs of gears and stuff.
  • Load bars included so that you can carry bikes and skis.


  • Need to be assembled.
  • Screws provided along were of low quality.


Thule Stretch Cargo Net 692

These heavy duty cargo net helps secure all your baggage and stuff in your cargo baskets from spilling over and getting blown away in the wind.

thule 692 roof rack mount cargo basket net


Thule MOAB Extension 691XT

The Thule MOAB basket is itself a bigger basket that can help you carry a lot of stuff, but if you still need more space, you can always get a MOAB Extension 691Xt, that will increase the storage space by 18 in.

thule moab extension 691xt


Thule Step up Wheel Step 232

Another thoughtful product from the house of Thule, as the Step up Wheel Step prevents people from doing all the gymnastics in standing on the wheel or standing on the seats to load or unload stuff on top of their vehicle.

With the Step Up, you can comfortably stand and load your stuff and also it allows you to reach more height for you to tie boats and kayaks easily.


thule step up wheel review

Thule Cable Lock 538XT

With the help of this 6-foot braided Steel cable lock you can secure all your bigger stuff like boats, kayaks and bikes to your vehicle more easily. Also the coiled design of the cable lock makes it easier for storage and also comes with the one key Thule lock system, so that you can use a single key for all locks.

The plastic coating on the cable lock prevents any scratches on your vehicle surface, when it comes in contact with your vehicles.



Thule 690XT MOAB Cargo Basket is the right solution for someone looking to haul luggage that is bigger, uneven size and height on top of your vehicle without any worries. The MOAB cargo basket is easy to install, can fit on all kinds of roof rack systems.

With a total loading capacity of 165 lbs, you never have to load anything inside your car, but only on the top and still find a lot of space. The load bars provided along helps you to carry bikes and skis with the basket still in place.

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