Thule 665C Transporter

Introduction to Thule 665C Transporter

Thule was founded in 1942 by Thulin family. Since then, Thule has been the leading manufacturer of cargo carriers for automobiles. Thule products include everything from car roof boxes, bike racks, roof racks, snow chains and horse trailers to laptop and camera bags.

The recent product of Thule Company is the 665C Transporter combi hitch-mount cargo box. This product is of great use for those who feel their car is too small to afford their luggage. It is a useful product as it increases your luggage space and is easy to carry with you. With Thule 665C Transporter cargo box you can carry bulk of luggage and without changing your car. It’s design will suit your car. And, it has all the features that make it a perfect companion for you on long drive.


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thule 665c transporter

Key Features to look for in Thule 665C Cargo Box

  1. There are some features which the buyer must look for while buying Thule 665C cargo box. These features are:
  2. The cargo box must be portable.
  3. It should have a proper locking system.
  4. The product must be versatile in use.
  5. Cargo box must be easy to install and to uninstall as well.
  6. Product must be easy to use.
  7. Cargo box should provide enough space to carry all necessary luggage.
  8. Cargo Box must be capable of carrying luggage which is fragile and breakable.
  9. Cargo box should be good-looking and of good design.
  10. The box should be weather proof as it is attached to the outer part of the car.
  11. Product must be light-weight.


  1. Consists of a luggage box which can be attached to a receiver hitch.
  2. It has a storage capacity of 13 cubic feet and can carry up to a weight of 150 lbs.
  3. When the box is empty, it automatically tilts down to provide accessibility to the rear portion of that car.
  4. It comes with a pre-wired lights which are powered from the 4-pin plug of the very vehicle.
  5. It includes an adapter for license plate so that the whole license plate is visible.
  6. The construction is durable, weather resistant and UV resistant.
  7. The color of this box is matte-black.
  8. The dimension of this very box is “50.5 * 23.5 * 24.3” .
  9. It has a lock included to keep the content of the box secured.
  10. It has one set of key. One key is for opening the lock and the other one is the changing key.

Design and Appearance

Thule 665C Transporter comes with a matte black finishing appearance. It is designed in such a way that it guarantees all your gear to be dry regardless of the weather. It is UV resistant. It has a pin or handle mechanism that quickly tilts and shifts the box down when empty in order to allow the access from rear of the very vehicle.


thule 665c



Cargo box is 23.5 inches in height. Length of the cargo box is 50.5 inches and the width is 24.3 inches. The storage capacity of this cargo box is 13 cubic feet, which are more than enough. The weight of this cargo box is 79 pounds, which is pretty light when compared to the weight of 150 lbs which it can carry. The size of this cargo box is driver friendly, so it doesn’t create problem while driving.


Installation is very easy and need no expert person. Any person can install this cargo box. This product comes with a user manual in which one can find the installation guide. It comes with all necessary tools required for the installation process. One person is enough for installing this cargo box. As the weight is also quite less it is easy to uninstall this cargo box easily.


Security arrangement in 665C Transporter is very good. As it has a one lock security system. The key once placed in the opening of the box can only be taken out once this very box is completely locked. This ensures that you don’t forget to lock the box. The key can be changed if you want by changing the lock core.


Accessories included with this box includes frame assemblies, cargo box, the hardware required for mounting, key and lock for the lid of the box, user’s manual, light assembly, license plate and also the warranty information.

Thule STL2 Snug-Tite Lock One Key System

Also with these accessories Thule STL2 Snug-Tite Lock One Key System Locking Hitch Pin is also included. This locking system enhances the security system of the cargo box. The STL merges a special anti-wobble facility for your locking security. This very locking system is fitted for both 2 inches as well as 1.25 inch hitch carriers. It includes both cylinders and a couple of keys as a set, one of which is the changing key and another is the locking key. It is a perfect compliment for your hitch carrier. It comes with integrated dust cover which keeps the lock clean.


thule stl2 snug




As the product has been designed according to customers’ need the advantages of this hitch-mount cargo box are more. Let us have a look at the pros of the cargo box.

  • The cargo box is light weighted and can be easily carried.
  • It is easy to install, takes less than 5 minutes to install.
  • Easy to remove as there is no such complex fitting is required.
  • The box comes with an excellent locking system for ensuring security.
  • The box is UV resistant.
  • This very box is weatherproof which keeps your luggage dry in any weather.
  • Assembling of the parts is really easy.
  • It comes with a feature in which the box tends to tilt for access to rear view.
  • It offers flexibility while driving.
  • This cargo box doesn’t affect the mileage of the very vehicle.
  • The lock key of the box can be pulled out when the box is closed. This ensures that you don’t drive with the box open.
  • The space of this very box is huge which allows you to carry bulk luggage.
  • The price, when compared to other roof carriers is very less.
  • The lock provided is very easy to open and close even for the person who is suffering from arthritis.
  • It doesn’t affect the look of your car.


There are few cons also related to this product. Let’s have a look at the cons of this cargo box:

  • It can be only used for Class 2 or higher carriers, 2 inches or 1 ¼ inch hitch receivers.
  • This can’t be used for vehicles which have rear fit spare tires.
  • The matte-black color of the box allows more heat absorbing.
  • It uses a bolt to connect to the trailer hitch.
  • The drop down features requires some effort.
  • It is required that the tailpipe of the very vehicle exhausts directly downwards, not towards the box as it may cause damage.
  • It has 4-pin harness plug.
  • One cannot carry extra load exceeding the limits.
  • When in tilt position the box cannot be seen.




There are disadvantages of every product you buy. You can’t say that any product is perfect. The thing you need to know is whether it has more advantages than disadvantages or not.

In case of 665C Transporter cargo box the advantages are higher than disadvantages.

It is better to buy a cargo box rather than buying a new car, so do not waste your money on a new car, get the space required at a lesser and affordable price.

Although it comes with matte-black color, you can get your own color by just painting it. The box needs to be protected from the direct exhaust which can be done with little precautions. It has a 4-pin harness plug, no problem, just ask your vehicle provider for an adapter. As the product has some limitations, why to cross those limitations. If you are allowed to carry 75 kg of load that is enough extra luggage.

This product has been used by various people all around and has got great reviews. Almost all people are satisfied with this product. The people using this product are seemed to be satisfied with the price and the comfort they get after using this cargo box for carrying extra luggage. Still no complaints have been registered for any of the users which show that how valuable this product is for them. These all make Thule 665C Transporter a product to be used.

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