Rightline Gear 100S30 Car Top Carrier

Rightline Gear 100S30 Sport 3 Car Top Carrier

Here is a product which will catch the eyes of all car owners whether they have big cars or small cars, the Rightline Gear 100S30 Sport 3 Car Top Carrier.

This is a product which will enhance your luggage carrying on the way. Are you fed up of your small space in the car or you can’t carry all the luggage you want with you while travelling, don’t worry, this car roof carrier will not only allow you to carry all your luggage with you but also do this in a very easy manner.

100S30 will fit into your need because of space and flexibility it provides. Just buy this car roof carrier to remove your headache of less space.

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rightline gear 100s30



Features that you might look for

While going for such product you might be thinking that, oh! These should be the features in the product then only you will buy. Are these the features you are looking for in the product?

  1. It must provide enough space for your luggage.
  2. It must be compatible with your car.
  3. The size of this product must be such that it can be carried on your car roof.
  4. It should have the strength to bear the load of your luggage.
  5. It should have durability.
  6. While driving it should not just tear off.
  7. As it is to be placed on the roof top, it must be weatherproof.
  8. It should look attractive with your car.
  9. It should not be complex to install and to remove it from car roof.
  10. It should make you feel that you have not wasted your money.

Features of Rightline Gear 100S30 

Right, now let us check the features of Rightline Gear 100S30 Sport 3 Car Top Carrier.

  1. Its size is 48 inch×40 inch×14-19 inches.
  2. The capacity of this car roof carrier is amazing 18 cubic ft.
  3. Its shape is aerodynamic, which gives the driver comfort while driving.
  4. It is made by a dual seam technology, which provides strength to this product.
  5. The straps used in this product are of nylon which is very hard to break.
  6. This product comes with a full weatherproof feature, so no need to worry about any weather.
  7. It comes in two colors, black and gray.
  8. It is easy to attach Rightline Gear 100s30 with your car.
  9. If you are thinking you don’t have car rack, no problem, this product can be installed on your car roof without a rack.
  10. It unzips ¾ of the total size to allow comfortable loading.
  11. The zipper used in this car carrier is urethane coated.
  12. It is also UV resistant.

Design and Dimension

Rightline Gear 100S30 Sport 3 Car Top Carrier was designed keeping the fact in mind that how much load it can take and how it doesn’t hamper the mileage of the car owner.

So, its design is aerodynamic which doesn’t affect the mileage of the car. So, no need to spend extra on fuel. It comes in two different colors black and gray.

Dimension of 100S30  is perfect for your car. The length is 48 inches, width is 40 inches and the height is between 14-19 inches, which provides enough space for carrying extra luggage. Capacity is 18 cubic feet, which can hold 12.5 carry bag of size 14 inch×8 inch×22 inches.


Installation process of cargo bag is very easy. It comes with a strap which needs to be tied to the roof rack if there is one. If you don’t have roof rack just tie the strap around the open doors. It’s pretty easy, so no need to worry about roof rack. It is compatible with your vehicle.


Worried about the security of your bag, are you? Don’t worry. You want to secure your carrier, just place a lock between the zip provided. It has a zipper system which acts as a protection for your carrier.


Accessories coming along with this product include nylon straps which will be used to strap your carrier with your car, a stuff sack to keep your carrier clean, and an easy setup guide for you.


  • Its capacity is around 18 cu ft which can carry about 12.5 air carry bag.
  • It is aerodynamic in design, so no effect of wind while driving.
  • It doesn’t affect the mileage of the car due to its design.
  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It can be installed without any extra roof rack.
  • It is 100% waterproof.
  • It is UV resistant.
  • It comes with a zipper system which also helps in protection from water.
  • The straps are made of nylon and waterproof material which provides protection as well as strength.
  • It has dual seam technology.
  • It has zipper coated with urethane which helps in avoiding water.


  • Rightline Gear 100S30 is suitable for SUVs and minivans.
  • It doesn’t have any extra security system.
  • Carrier can be used when it is full. So, if left empty damage can be done.
  • Tightening the straps can be needed frequently.


Even though there are few cons of this product, but no one can question the facility it provides the buyer. It provides you with a sufficient amount of space which you won’t even get in bigger cars.

Rightline Gear 100S30 Sport 3 Car Top Carrier has been the largest carrier till now in the market. People have given excellent reviews about this product and when asked whether they will refer this product to their friends, they totally agreed with this fact and said one must buy this product.

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