Rightline Gear 100S20 Top Carrier

Introduction to Rightline Gear 100S20 Sport 2 Car Top Carrier

Rightline Gear 100S20 Top Carrier is one of their bigger storage bags that can be kept on your car roof, which may have roof rack or it may not. This being the greatest advantage of this product along with it being 100% waterproof and all weather resistant. Ideal for transportation of home items in a strong and sturdy bag that can store a large amount of goods across interstates in all weather conditions.


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rightline gear 100s20


Features and Design

Features and design implementation of the Rightline Gear cargo bag are well thought are appreciable, the developers have worked very hard to keep their consumers happy and content with this cargo bag. Below are some of the features mentioned.

  1. Economical, this product is made available at a very low cost with very high class raw materials.
  2. Efficient, the aerodynamic design feature of the 100S20 is of great advantage too, as this will not add a lot to the fuel consumption and keeps it as minimal as possible.
  3. Weatherproof, this is completely water resistant and also protects the good inside from the harmful UV radiations. Each and every part of this bag is made water resistant to handle extreme weather conditions.
  4. Easy to load and unload, you can open the storage bag almost all the way except the one side where the zipper is not placed, this helps loading and unloading of items from the Rightline Gear 100S20 cargo bag a lot easier.
  5. The package also includes a skidproof pad that is ideally placed below bag. This prevents the cargo bag from slipping off the car roof even with the straps on.

Advanced Features


Dual Seam Technology 

The strong materials such as PVC mesh nylon reinforces PVC and hydro tuff material which is a PVC backed polyester is stitched together with this dual seams to provide a good hold of items that are kept inside the bag.

Urethane coated Zipper 

Developers are one step ahead in their design, even though there are flaps provided to prevent the goods from any water damage. They have coated the zippers with urethane to prevent water from entering through the zippers.

Flap Technology

There is an extra layer of the above mentioned strong material that is sewn over the zippers to give it that extra protection from water and sun on extreme weather conditioned days. There are placed over the zippers and you will be able to easily fold them out and over the zippers.

Stuff Sack

This is a drawstring back that is provided as part of this package to store the product in use. This will keep the storage bag from getting dirty or wet and also makes it easy to carry it around.


Dimension of the product is 44″ * 36″ * 19″ with a combination of gray and black. This product weighs about 3.8 lbs and it has been reported to be 100% waterproof.


  • Car clips to secure the straps provided as part of the package.
  • 4 straps to secure the bag in its place with the help of clips.
  • Skidproof pad this ensures placement of the bag and keeps it from moving or slipping off from the roof.
  • Installation Manual.


Installation manual which we mention about it above, provided to you with detailed instructions of installation it on a car with roof rack and another set of instructions for installation of the storage bag on the car without a roof rack. The instructions provided are easy to follow and implement.


Rightline Gear cargo bags are one of the best in this field and offer this worthy product at a very reasonable price with many advanced features that provide safety and security for the good placed inside it.

Pros and Cons

As always all the products have both good and bad qualities in them, some of which are discussed below.


  • Rightline Gear cargo bag is of very high quality and standards, they are also very efficient and save you a lot of cash in terms of fuel consumption due to their aerodynamically designed body.
  • All weather resistant it keeps your items in the bag safe from all the extreme weather conditions be it the scorching sun or the pouring rains. The materials and the zippers are all waterproof and also UV radiation resistant.
  • You can easily install Rightline Gear 100S20 on cars with a roof rack and also on cars without the roof rack. This is considered one of the greatest advantages of the product.
  • Easy storage when compared to renting a Uhaul to load all the small things that are required for your moving.


  • There are some chances of the bag ripping off due to strong winds, this causes damage to the items inside the bag.
  • Some of the straps may come off and cause your bag to slip away, ensure that you tie them or install them as per the guidelines mentioned.
  • The straps may cause a disturbing noise as they tend to flap with the wind, for this, the manufacturer has provided a trick, which is to twist to the straps to ensure that they are tightly help in its place.
  • Be cautious of duplicate products in the same name, always buy this product from well known dealers and distributors.




Rightline Gear 100S20 Top Carrier is a perfect solution for you when you have a car without a roof rack as this has clips and straps to secure the bag safely on the roof along with the skid proof pad to place below the bag. The bag also is of very high quality and waterproof. This is perfect for a budget moving, it allows more than enough space to store all the necessary that you will need.




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