Rightline Gear 100S10 Car Top Carrier

Introduction to Rightline Gear 100s10 Sport 1 Car Top Carrier

Rightline Gear 100s10 is particularly designed to help store items for a long travel with or without an extra roof support, this in many cases has turned out to be an advantage without the roof rack. By providing straps to secure the bag in the roof along with a non slippery pad to keep below the bag helps it not slip. Economical for the features and designs its built with, aerodynamically designed such that it does not affect your travel charges.

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rightline gear 100s10



Features and Design

This is storage that is specifically designed to make your travel easier and also allowing you to store most of your items with not much of the chaos. Below are the major features of this product-

  1. 100% waterproof and all weather resistant.
  2. Allows loading of items easily as the bag unzips almost 75 percentage.
  3. Aerodynamically designed by the manufacturers.
  4. The roof rack is not necessary to use this storage bag.
  5. The skid free pad is provided as part of this product to help the bag stay in its position.
  6. The Rightline Gear product also includes a drawstring bag to store the bag when not in use.

Advanced Features

The manufacturer of the Rightline Gear has made this product by paying attention to all the consumer needs and designed this accordingly, below are the advanced features that they have implemented to ease its uses.

  1. This Rightline gear is 100% waterproof, also all weather resistant. The material used is high quality PVC and two of these materials that are PVC mesh and Hydro Tuffare sewn using dual seam technology to prevent water from entering throughout.
  2. Aerodynamically designed, the manufacturers have taken at most care to ensure that this storage bag does not affect your mileage. This will not cost you a lot in terms of fuel consumption.
  3. The storage bag alone is not waterproof even the zippers are urethane coated to help in making the entire storage water resistant.
  4. Also along with the urethane coating, there is also a flap that covers the zipper as a protective film on the zippers.


14″ * 12″ * 6″ is the dimension of the product. The only color combination available is gray and black. Weight of the product is 8 lbs and this product offers you 100% waterproof warranty.


  • Car clips to secure the straps around the bag and the roof of the car.
  • Non slide roof pad to place below the storage bag that will ensure that the bag stays intact.
  • Car roof carrier cable lock, this is more advanced than the basic model storage bags the Rightline Gear offers.
  • Instruction Manual is provided to ease the installation and use of the product.
  • Drawstring sack that will store that bag when not in use.
You can also purchase the Rightline Gear 100S10 with its accessories together which will ease your task to install it on your car. 


rightline gear 100s10





The instruction manual is sewn into the material, you can use this to help you in installing this product. There are detailed instructions that are provided when your car has an extra roof support and also for a car without an extra roof support.
There are many tips and tricks that will optimize the use of this Rightline Gear storage bag that will not cause you any difficulty when you are traveling. These tricks ensure a calm transportation.


The clasps and clips that are part of the accessories are ideal for securing your storage items in this bag. The bag is made of high quality materials that protect your storage from the rain and extreme heat and all the severe weather conditions.


  • The Rightline Gear storage bag is aerodynamically designed in such a way that it does not affect the fuel consumption of the car, it works efficiently.
  • Waterproof with all weather protection, the high quality materials with which is made is ideal for long driving hours and even the zip is coated with urethane that prevents water entering even through the zip.
  • You do not need an extra roof support to install this is bag in your car, the accessories such as clips and nylon straps are provided to secure the bag in the rooftop of the car along with the non skid pad.
  • Storage is made easy, when the bag is not in use fold it and put in the drawstring bag which is provided along with the product.
  • Easier to load items into this bag as it almost opens up to 75% as in it can unzip almost 3/4th way through.
  • The customer service that they provide is efficient and quick with responses at the earliest.
  • The manual is provided with easy to understand instructions and method of installation.


  • There are duplicate and inferior products that are manufactured and sold under the Rightline name so be careful and buy it from licensed dealers.
  • There is the small chance of the material ripping off due to the wind, but there is inner protective material to cover the items.
  • The straps given as part of the package are little shorter than the length that is needed to tie it around the car, you may need to buy extra straps to secure it.
  • There is also the chance of the straps flapping in the wind and creating a lot of noise, ensure to bind it tightly and twist the straps such that they do not create noise.




The Rightline Gear 100S10 Sport 1 Car Top Carrier storage bag is ideal for easy transportation of your items across all the interstates, there are 4 straps to hold the bag securely in its place.

Economically, it’s well worth the money its bought for, as the materials used to in the production of this product are all of very high standards, even the zippers are made to last longer.

Each of the features of this product is built on advanced technology to ease its use and installation. This is ideal even for people with no background knowledge on installing such products.

When compared to renting a U haul across states to your new home this is an efficient alternative. And also there is the advantage of installing this without an extra roof support and non skip pad.

Happy moving!

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