Rightline Gear 100B90 Cargo Saddlebag

Rightline Gear 100B90 Cargo Saddlebag

Thinking of how to carry extra luggage while travelling, don’t worry, there is a product for you, which will solve your entire problem. We provide you review of  Rightline Gear 100B90 Cargo saddlebag. This cargo carrier bag is well designed and offers a lot of space for your extra luggage. It needs to be fitted on the back of your car and you are ready for driving.


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Rightline Gear 100B90




You must be thinking about what are the features of 100B90 Cargo Saddlebag and why you should choose this product. So, let us see the features of Rightline Saddlebag;

  1. It rests on the back of your vehicle.
  2. It doesn’t affect the mileage of the car, which every car owner loves.
  3. Its design is aerodynamic, so no need to worry while driving.
  4. The bag, when attached to the car stays low and helps the driver to access rear view easily.
  5. It has a zipper with urethane coat.
  6. It comes along with a pole frame that provides strength to the bag.
  7. Load capacity is 13 cubic feet.
  8. It has a dual seam technology, which protects this bag from the water.
  9. It is 100% waterproof.
  10. It is available in two colors, black and gray.
  11. Its size is 40 inches in length, 20 inches in width and the height of this bag is 28 inches.
  12. It is UV resistant.
  13. The bag has one handle on each side which allows you to carry your luggage into the hotel or room if you want.

Design and Appearance

As the bag is to be carried while driving a car, the design has to be aerodynamic so that no obstruction is caused due to the air. Design of the cargo saddlebag is aerodynamic which helps in maintaining a good mileage and save some money. The material used in this bag includes nylon and waterproof material so that water is kept out. It comes in two colors, black and gray.


Rightline Gear 100B90 is 40 inches in length, 20 inches in width and 28 inches in height. It opens ¾ of its full size to provide proper luggage loading. It can carry a load of about 100 lbs which is enough for your extra luggage.


Installation process involved in this bag is pretty simple. There is a belt strap which you need to tie your bag to the roof rack. In case you don’t have roof rack just add saddle car clip to your long strap. Then place the saddle clip between the vehicle’s rear door and the roof. Alter the size of the strap and then use the bottom straps following the guidelines provided. Make sure that neither of the strap is in a position to flap when the wind blows, adjust it likewise.


Rightline Gear 100B90 comes with zipper coated with urethane which acts as a protection from water. If you want protection against theft just place a lock to the zipper provided.


Accessories included with this cargo saddlebag is base frame which is to be placed at the bottom of the bag to provide strength and rigidity, one 2 inch wide belt strap, two numbers of 1 inch wide bottom straps, stuff sack and sewn-in setup guide to help you with installation.


Now let us have a look at the pros of this product which will make it easy to understand its advantage over other similar products.

  • Easy to install. No real effort needed in fixing this product.
  • This bag is easy to fill, carry and unload.
  • It can carry a load up to 100 lbs which is enough of the load one needs to carry.
  • It is 100% waterproof so no need to worry about your stuff being wet. This product is made up of heavy duty fabric and water liner inside which doesn’t allow a single drop of water to enter the bag.
  • It is UV resistant, so heat is not an issue.
  • It is fixed in the backside of the car at the bottom which allows the driver having an access to rear view.
  • Its aerodynamic design helps in maintaining a good mileage.
  • It has handles on each side to enable you unload it easily.
  • It unzips ¾ of the way around allowing you to easily grab or insert your item.
  • It can be used for vehicles with roof rack and also with vehicles without roof rack. This is the major advantage
  • of this product.
  • Due to its rear positioning it allows you to have access of your items during your trip also.
  • It comes with a bottom frame which reduces the need of any type of support.
  • The price is low as compared to other products.
  • It doesn’t affect the back of your car.
  • It doesn’t affect the look of your car.


  • It needs two persons to attach a loaded carrier bag.
  • It needs at least 40 inches of gap between the vehicle’s tail lights.
  • Load capacity of 100 lbs can’t be exceeded.
  • This bag doesn’t allow the storing of electronic material, musical instruments, sharp or pointed instruments.



There are pros and cons related to every product developed by man. But the thing which one should look at is whether the product is providing you with more advantages or disadvantages. You need to decide it on this point of view.

Many people have used this product and have found it helpful. This product has got positive reviews from most of its users. No such complaints have been made about this product that it is not worthy of spending money on this. So, it is up to you to decide and try it out.

Rightline Gear 100B90 Cargo Saddlebag is definitely a success in providing you the extra space you need for your luggage.

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