CURT 18115 Roof Mounted Cargo Basket

Even when you have a bigger vehicle like an SUV, packing for a long trip with your family demands more storage space. CURT 18115 roof mounted cargo rack provides a simple but effective solution in expanding the storage space of your vehicle.

Just install a CURT Cargo Rack on top and you’ll be automatically relieved with a lot of space in your vehicle, as any kind of load, big or small can be loaded on top of your vehicle.

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Design and Appearance

With the CURT 18115 cargo basket installed on top of your vehicle, you’ve endless possibilities of bringing whatever you need for your weeklong trip, as you literally load any kind of gear and stuff.

The CURT Roof Mounted Cargo Rack is constructed using strong steel to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and the long miles ahead.  It is extremely lightweight and powder coated to resist corrosion.

Cargo basket features just a simple two-piece assembly and is easy to mount/unmount from your vehicle. The universal mounting brackets are designed in a way such that it could be attached all kinds of round or square rook rack base rails.

The front of the cargo rack is aerodynamically designed to protect
all your gears and also to reduce noise and vibration, while you are on the move. The cargo basket is almost 4 inches tall to protect your cargo and also acts as a convenient option for attaching a cargo bag strap.





One of the biggest advantages of installing a cargo basket is the additional space it provides, and with a heavy duty steel construction, the CURT Cargo Racks are perfect choice for hauling bulk luggages as they are just a two piece assembly easy to mount or dismount from your vehicle.

Some of the most prominent features that CURT Roof Mounted Cargo Racks provides to its customers are:

  1. Strong steel constructed body.
  2. The Universal Mount bars are capable of mounting any round or square roof rack bars.
  3. Simple two-piece assembly, easy to install.
  4. Durable and lightweight.
  5. Carbide Powder coated to resist against rust and scratch.
  6. UV resistant, you can expect a longer lifetime.
  7. 4inch walls provide more protection for your gears.
  8. Aerodynamic front design to reduce noise and vibration.
  9. Handle any kind of highway speeds, with no wind damage at all.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions41.5 " x 37 " x 4 "
Basket Weight Capacity150 lbs
Weight29 lbs
MaterialStrong steel
Recommended UseTravel



The cargo basket are strong and lightweight and hence can be easily mounted on to the top of your vehicle.

Cargo basket features just a simple two-piece assembly that makes it very much easily to handle and also provides more stability during the travel.

To install, all you need to do is fasten together both the pieces and mount on top of your vehicle roof racks. The Cargo racks supports any kind of roof rack rails either rounded or square, using the Universal mounting brackets.

If you need more space to haul big luggages, you can easily opt for a CURT Roof Mounted Cargo Rack Extension, which can surprisingly free up to an additional 11 sq. ft of space on the rack.



For some cargo roof baskets are just a personal preference who doesn’t need to haul everything in an additional trailer or hitch, but prefer to just dump everything on the top of their vehicle.

And CURT 18115 Roof Mounted Cargo Racks is one simple solution available to them that is economically very much viable along with a lot of advanced features mentioned below :

  • CURT cargo basket is aerodynamically designed in such a way that the fuel consumption is not affected in any way.
  • Easy to load and unload items from the vehicle
  • With a heavy steel body construction and a carbide powder coating, the rack is extremely resistant to rust and scratch.
  • Cargo basket can be installed on top of any round, square roof rack bars.
  • Easy to load and unload items onto the rack.
  • Customer service is good and decent providing responses to all your problems at the earliest.
  • The Instruction manual provided along with the product is clear with step by step instructions on how to mount your CURT Cargo Rack on top of your vehicle.


  • Sometimes the rack gets rusted and drip rust on your roof


This flexible and lightweight cargo roof basket makes incredible use of additional space you may not see with other racks, especially if you are traveling with towing a trailer or a hitch accessory.

Along with this you can make the most of these cargo racks by adding accessories like the ones mentioned below:

CURT 18200 Roof Rack Cargo Net

Cargo nets are useful to accommodate taller, large gears and stuff and hence are perfect for SUV style roof rack cargo carriers.  This would be a simple and easiest way to secure all your gears.

curt 18200 roof rack extension review

CURT 18117 Roof Mounted Cargo Rack Extension

Extend the carrying capacity of your roof rack to fit in all possible gears for your weeklong trip. You can never imagine how much you can fit in these racks, by adding an extension.


curt 18117 cargo basket extension



CURT 18115 roof mounted cargo basket is ideal for hauling all your items across all interstates without any fuss, be it large or small gears, cargo basket can hold it all.

If you don’t want to invest in a pricey cargo box, the cargo roof racks are the most economic and simple option for all your transportation needs. Extend the storage capacity by 21 inches more with the CURT Roof Mounted Rack Extension,  so you don’t miss anything for your next cross country trip.

Equipped with all steel tubing construction CURT 18115 cargo basket are very much durable and lightweight, that can last for a long time. With the aerodynamic front shield noise is completely out of the equation.

Happy moving!

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