How to install Yakima Roof Rack on Car?

Once you’ve completed the hardest part of selecting the best roof racks for your vehicle,  it’s time to get in installed on top of your vehicle.

If you choose to install it on the store you bought it, they may charge hourly rates, and if you don’t want to shell out extra money, you can very well do it yourself, it’s not tough as you think.

Actually, it’s pretty simple if you follow the instructions properly and have the tools necessary readily available.

Yakima roof racks can turn your empty roof vehicle into a big gear and stuff hauling one with its versatile roof racks that can fit into any type of vehicle.

Also, these Yakima roof racks is suitable with any type of cargo boxes like the Yakima Skybox 12 Cargo Box.



Installation Instructions

  1. Clean Your Roof : Before installing your roof rack, make sure to clean the top surface of your car with a clean cloth, of if you need, you can also go to the nearest car wash to give a clean wash to remove all the road salt, dust and other substances that got accumulated over a period of time.
  2. Open the Towers : Open each tower and make sure all the four tower screws are loosened, so that you can insert the cross bars along the towers.
  3. Slide the Bars : Now slide along the cross bars through the Q towers and make sure the screws are tightened enough
  4. Take Appropriate Measurements : Before placing the roof rack above your vehicle, locate the correct measurements of your vehicle and make sure to mark where you are going to place the roof racks, how much distance need between bars and how much distance needed between the first rack and the front of the vehicle. Most of the measurements are available with the clip-sheet provided along with the roof racks.
  5. Tighten the Bars with Towers : Make sure the cross bars are tightened with bars using the tower screws.
  6. Install the End Caps and Pads : Clean your pad before installing and attach the end caps to the cross bars.
  7. Place the Front Tower : Place the front tower on the position which you have marked earlier and makes it is placed in the center, so that there is equal space on the left and right side of the towers.
  8. Add Vinyl Pads : Vinyl pads can be added to the clips to prevent the pads damaging the paints where it comes contact with the vehicle.
  9. Assemble the Q-Clips : Now, once everything is in place, make sure to insert the correct clips inside through the clip holder and snap the lock housing and ensure securing your assembly by placing a clip fastener on top of it.
  10. Attach the Cam Covers : Make sure not to move the assembly, or else you need to go to Step 7 to place it in the right position. Slowly push the clip through the door frame and with the help of the adjustment post, adjust the clips until you feel comfortable that the doors close easily without any hindrance.
  11. Install the Second Tower : Now do the same for the second tower.
  12. Perform Safety Checks : Once you’ve everything installed, try pulling the clip as hard as possible to see if there is any movement and also push the bars to see if it’s moving.


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