How to choose cargo box for a big family?

When it comes to selecting the right cargo box for your family, it could be a bit perplexing and there will be a lot of questions pestering your mind about the right size, construction quality, appearance, ease of use and security needed, etc.

In this article we’ll try to look into the major factors that needs to be considered if you want to buy a cargo box for a big family.

Thule one of the popular brands out there in the market comes with all kinds of cargo boxes in various sizes to suit all your requirements regarding hauling gears and stuff of every member of your family for the weekend trip.

Thule Sonic XXL cargo boxes, the largest of the Thule Sonic series is really massive with a storage space of around 22 cubic feet, enough to haul up to 10-12 skis and 6-8 snowboards, will be best suited for a big family.


thule sonic xxl


Construction Quality

One of the most important factors that needs to be considered is the construction quality of the cargo box,  as that determines the longevity of the boxes. The ability to withstand all kinds of weather conditions is also important for a cargo box.

The lid of the cargo box should handle all pressure from the constant opening and closing and shouldn’t get damaged or loosened during the course of time.


When you are driving a high end, beautiful looking car, don’t think anyone would want to mount an ugly cargo box on top of it. Hence, most of the cargo box makers like Thule are focusing more on the design aspects to make it look more stylish.

Cargo boxes like the Sonic XXL comes with a sleek black finish, looks extremely good on top of your vehicle, adding more glamour to your vehicle.

Ease of Use

Another factor that needs to be considered is the ease with which one can operate with the box.  No one would want to wrestle with the box for loading or unloading gears and stuff into the box.

Everything from the ease of installation, ease of opening/closing of the lid and the ease with which stuff can be loaded or unloaded in the box.


Apart from the construction quality, ease of use and appearance, one more aspect to be factored in is the ability to reduce the noise from the cargo boxes.

Most of the popular brands including Thule are largely focusing on the shape of the boxes to be more sleek and aerodynamic, so that one wouldn’t feel less or no noise from the boxes, when you hit the road.


Security is also one important factor that needs to be considered, as you don’t want to be left without any gear during the middle of your camping trip.

Some of the cargo boxes come with secure lock features to provide added security against theft and to avoid dust and rain from entering into the cargo box.

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