Yakima Roof Racks & Cargo Boxes

yakimaSporty character and premium technology aside, the smart car buyer these days is also particular about value their vehicle can provide in terms of the cargo space. There is to be no compromise when it comes to the number of passengers or the gear you will be hauling on this trip.

And rightly so! What is fishing or camping or kayaking with your family or friends if you have to leave any of the equipment behind? What sort of memories does that create? Put bluntly, not ideal.

So if your vehicle has forced you to revisit the roof racyak options to accommodate this need of yours for their stability and versatility, and you do have a style in mind, you know what’s the next step right? To assess which brand is better suited for your purpose.

One name that is a tad more popular and oft-repeated than others, that you are more likely to come across, is of Yakima roof racks.

Cargo Boxes and Cargo Baskets – The Different Type of Cargo Carriers

When you want to shop confidently in transforming any ordinary car into this extraordinary gear-hauling and activity-seeking vehicle, you should know about Yakima’s broad categorization of its products. Among the options available, you have cargo boxes and cargo baskets, systems especially designed to mount to the Yakima roof racks.W

It wouldn’t sound much different to a newbie; but for a pro, the difference matters in making them work to the best of their efficiency.

Yakima Cargo Boxes

Best bet when the stuff you have with you needs to remain secure and clean throughout. Now these may be either particularly fragile, valuable, or both. So, for example, you can have items like golf clubs, snowboards and skis, the fishing gear and poles, strollers, or other necessities. You see, size doesn’t matter too when it comes to Yakima cargo boxes.

First model that comes to mind is Yakima Skybox when we talk about the Yakima cargo boxes.


Yakima Skybox Pro 21

yakima cargo box



Yakima Skybox 16 series

yakima skybox 16 carbonite


Yakima Skybox 18 Series

yakima skybox 18 cubic feet


Yakima Skybox 12 Series

yakima skybox 12

Yakima – A Brief Intro to Quality Racks and Carriers

Is a lack of proper rack the only thing stopping you from hitting the road and living the true American Dream? Are you afraid to be sold a roof rack with limited possibilities? Which even as it manages to transport your bikes will not be aCble to hold a paddleboard or snowboard? Very few people will tell you that you are right to have these misgivings.

You may not use it frequently but you don’t want to go shopping for one every time for a different outdoor activity. Yakima becomes a savior in this instance. With its variety of accessories, it is the solution to serve any lifestyle doesn’t matter then whether you are considering travelling or bicycling with your kids this season.

Sounds unbelievable? For someone who has been both designing and building carriers for vehicles for more than two decades, it isn’t. The experience is another reason why individuals find it easy to trust this brand because they know that Yakima, with its ingenuity, has something from among their selection to provide for their vehicle and equipment too.

How do you know if the racks and accessories they sell are going to complement and safeguard your vehicle and gear respectively and that nothing will go wrong? The following advantages and disadvantages are to highlight why you preferred the Yakima roof racks in the first place.

Yakima Cargo Baskets

On the other hand we have a low profile but equally important, practical, and versatile alternative. You get to add tie-downs and accessories to it for a rugged-looking, affordable, and still a spacious extension to your car’s cargo capacity. For instance, you are allowed to use it for carrying multiple random items like camping gear, your bikes, a spare tire, axe, (medium-sized) totem pole, and car jack all together at the same time!

Yakima LoadWarrior Rooftop Cargo Basket


yakima load warrior review

The only apparent drawback is that they are open and therefore deemed ‘less’ secure. They too require you to have one of the Yakima roof racks pre-installed.

Both of these options are ingenious and suited to meet your needs. Whether it is a once- a-year road trip or a seasonal moving, as long as you are clear with respect to the applications you want them for, you can select a product accordingly.

Appearance and Design

The Yakima roof racks constitute of around 80% of ABS plastic, recycled but retaining its qualities like weather resistant, hardwearing, and lightweight. The design philosophy that they seem to be incorporating for the products is to make them durable, functional, and beautiful, to haul your random stuff safely, easily, and stylishly.

Take Skybox Pro, for instance, one of the most popular Yakima boxes. It is a streamlined structure, which has a smooth, elegant shape and features a rigid and stiffened lid with a wide lip and a significant 16 cubic feet of storage space. Another alternative for the streamlined profile is the new Whispbar, which looks sharper, sits lowers, and rides even more quietly for your taste.

The Yakima Base Roof Rack systems including round bars with/without rain gutters, mount towers, crossbars, fairings, and Q clips are deemed the best structure ever for how it lets the weigh be evenly distributed across the complete bar.

Yakima RailGrab Kit – Bars and Towers


yakima railgrab kit review

The type of the Yakima roof racks and the kind of vehicle you are driving will influence how much weight you can (read should) put into the box at one time. One pro tip, therefore, is to read the owner’s manuals for the maximum limit the roof and the rack system allows you, taking care not to exceed the minimum figures as you calculate the weight of your load and the roof rack. This is something that you can notice along with the finishes and the different configurations available in your budget.


It is obvious that Washington’s Yakima has some serious competitors. But if you have considered the system in the first place then you do need to realize that the system works best with the accessories if they share the same brand. For Yakima’s car rack and roof box, the list of accessories include:

Cargo Net

Distracted by the rattling sounds as your stuff slides around in your LoadWarrior, MegaWarrior, or the BasketCase rooftop basket? A net can do wonders for you in that instance. Measuring around 32×20 inches when not stretched, the net can be hooked to the eight attachment points that are present inside the box only. And for those thinking to go with the bungee cords anyway had better factored in the fact that the net makes for a bigger secured area.

Cargo Pad

Even though the mounting hardware itself will remain exposed, the cargo pad contains the space at center, offers protection, and ensures your things do not slide around. Any advice stressing to go with carpet padding or yoga mat appears to be naïve given that it means placing your valuables in a risky scenario.


Probably the best part of the whole deal is you don’t have to break a sweat when it comes to installing the Yakima roof racks. Get help from a professional retailer or if you are a DIY-believer, then all you need is to follow the instructions in this video to get your roof rack in the right position! No tools are required making the investment all the more economical.

You can watch the video installation of Yakima Skybox here :


Most people tend to opt for roof racks instead of other options (e.g. hitch mount or truck mount). Paired with the right accessories, they are made adaptable for any inventory you have tagging along. As long as they are not bothered by having to lift the item overhead to secure it properly or that it may diminish the aerodynamics of their vehicle (and therefore hurting the gas mileage), the drivers love the unobtrusiveness nature of the roof racks. They are even ready to be extra careful choosing their parking spots or when passing under a tree with low-hanging branches.

Likewise, the advantages of Yakima Roof Racks, in particular, outweigh the disadvantages. Some of them are as follows:


  • They are flexible. They are to be your choice because they can fit almost any vehicle including sport utility vehicles, cars, SUV, vans, and pickups for almost any accessory etc you will be carrying.
  • They are long lasting. The options across the line offer unparalleled toughness and state-of-the-art-design.
  • They are unique. They look good with their sleek styling.
  • They do not require much work. It is not difficult to install and/or remove one from your vehicle, especially the Yakima Q Tower Racks, which do not even need a perfectly smooth roof to be mounted.
  • They are secure. With the 3 latch points on every side and stiffened lid, you know your items are safe and even dry with the stiffened lift and the lanyard attached to close it tightly.
  • They are innovative products. A Yakima roof rack will surprise you by how it sticks by minimal road noise and a negligible/irrelevant increase in the amount of wind drag and fuel consumption. In other words, it apparently does not interferes with your driving by slowing you down or disturbing the quiet cockpit with the wind noise if you are driving at steady rate.


  • They can be complicated. Individuals may not approve of how you can’t remove the key until the box is completely locked away, for instance.
  • They may not be a luxurious option. Individuals may not approve either that plastic has been used to fashion the lid’s hinges or that its gloss surface will display scratch marks or other signs of wear and tear.

However, it doesn’t take a genius to put two and two together to see why consumer ratings have been so high consistently for the Yakima products even as expectations continue to change and needs have evolved over the set period; the products have matured too.


Choosing your roof racks is to leverage their versatility as you jump in the ride for a routine or a special excursion. The roof rack has to be compatible and be the ultimate fit. For the budget-conscious, getting the right one makes the decision a bigger deal also because the limited money should not meant they shop for a less specialized product.

Going with the Yakima roof racks is like reassuring yourself of good quality. Plus, while the accessories improve its effectiveness and efficiency, one can go as far as to say that the same holds true of the product without its extras.

Besides, you can always get them separately later as need be if the carrier at hand appeals to you for both its style and function.

Shifting home or going for a vacation, go with the Yakima roof racks and you will have all the fun instead of the annoyance or irritation that trouble other adventure seekers. For more details or queries, feel free to contact us.