thule2High-quality roof racks can transform an ordinary car, jeep, or van into a true multi-purpose vehicle. It is simply unfeasible, for many, to have a separate vehicle designated for cam

ping trips, kayak outings, bike excursions, and cross-country travel.

Roof racks make it fast, easy, and safe to strap bikes, boats, luggage, and other cargo on top of your car to facilitate your active lifestyle.

They also allow easy attachment of cargo boxes to the vehicle’s rooftop, which can give you so much extra space that its almost like “having an attic on top of your car.”

These boxes also come with high-security locks and are easy to open, close, and dis-attach when necessary.

There are a multitude of roof racks available on the market today, but the most well known manufacturer would probably be Thule.

We will get to seven specific Thule product reviews at article’s end, but first, it will be helpful to give an overview of the company, their products, and the pros and cons of choosing a Thule roof rack.

About Thule

Thule is easily in the top three roof rack producing companies in the world, and many would rank it as number one. It is a Swedish company that was founded in 1942 by the Thulin family of southern Sweden and that has gradually grown into an auto accessories giant.

Ownership of the company has changed hands several times over the years, but its high-quality products caused it to continue to expand into a worldwide distributor with a massive output volume. T
oday, there are about 4,700 Thule points-of-sale in over 135 nations.

Thule makes a wide range of auto accessories, including roof racks, rooftop cargo boxes, bike racks, trailers, and snow chains. They also make carrying cases for laptops, cameras, and electronic items, but their main specialty has been roof racks since the 1960s.

To highlight their goal of making it easier for you to bring more with you when you travel, they have adopted the motto, “Bring your life.”

Thule Roof Racks

If you don’t own a roof rack beyond the manufacturer’s basic one, a Thule roof rack can greatly enhance your vehicle’s carrying capacity. Their AeroBlade load rails, for example, can carry 165 pounds and sustain force-impacts of up to 800 pounds.

This is so great, in fact, that you will need to check that your roof rails and vehicle can bear that much weight if you want to utilize the maximum capacity. Constructed of aluminum and yet built with strategic support design, these load bars are among the strongest on the market while being exceptionally lightweight.

Thule makes solid square bars, which are adequate for many purposes, but those who want quick-action attachment of cargo boxes and bike carriers should consider getting one of their T-channel models. These T-channels, found in their Aero bars, are extremely convenient for those who attach and dis-attach their accessories often.

The Thule Wing bars also offer a T-channel, but they have a rubber cover-strip that differs from the Aero bars’ coverings and gives you better grip against boats as well as a 55 percent reduction in air drag.

Keep in mind, however, that almost all of Thule’s products are aerodynamically designed- the Wing bars are just that much better.

Thule roof racks can cost up to twice as much as some of the competition, but they are clearly superior in workmanship and style. They are sleek and contoured, blend well into the vehicle’s roof design, and come in both a black, plastic coating and in shiny, finished aluminum.

Thule Cargo Boxes

Since 1942, Thule has been one of the best manufacturers of cargo boxes. They are experienced in manufacturing of cargo boxes. If you have a small car and thinking of changing your car just because it doesn’t provide enough space, why to spend money on buying a new car?

Thule cargo boxes are designed to provide you enough space to carry your entire luggage wherever you want. So, just spend on cargo box and keep your car with you. Whether you are planning a trip or your vacation, they are designed to suit all your needs.

Thule cargo boxes are designed by keeping all the needs of a customer in minds and all the required qualities to overcome any type of problem whether it may be climatic or something else. These cargo boxes are strength wise stronger than any cargo box available in the market. There are different models provided by Thule for meeting different customer needs. Different sizes are available in the market for different cars.

You can select any product that is best suited to the car. All the cargo boxes manufactured by Thule are best in design and are user-friendly. They are easy to install and use.

Thule has varieties of cargo boxes. For example, Thule Sonic cargo boxes, Thule Force cargo boxes or Atlantis 1600. All the products are built with the most durable material. As these products are to be used on roof top special attention has been paid to make it compatible with any kind of weather.

All the products come in different colors which provide the users to choose their color which suits them.

Thule cargo boxes are aerodynamic in nature, thus users don’t need to worry about winds and mileage. These products don’t affect the mileage of the car and thus saving money for the users.

Let us have a look at few models which are available for you.

Thule Sonic Cargo Boxes 


thule sonic alpine




Sonic cargo boxes series have many features which make it a useful component to have. Its AeroNose shaping provides reduces the drag and allows the flow of air easily between the box and roof of your car. It is provided with two ways opening to facilitate you.

Let us look at its pros and cons. It has different sizes for different sizes of car, so you can choose which one fits your car.


  • It design is aerodynamic in nature which doesn’t allow drop in your mileage.
  • It has angled base to provide extra space.
  • Dual-side opening.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes in different sizes Alpine (11-12 cubic feet), Large-L (13-14 cubic feet), and XX-Large-XXL (21-22
  • cubic feet).
  • Comes in two attractive finishes- metallic silver and high-gloss automotive black.
  • Weatherproof.


  • These boxes are fit for particular vehicles.
  • It needs roof racks.

Thule Force Cargo Boxes

thule force cargo box




Thule Force series cargo boxes is another best-seller product series of Thule. It is designed for quick gripping. It comes with oversized secure lock lid technology, dual side lid opening and in four different sizes.

It utilizes Aeroskin technology which results in its aerodynamic shape. This box has been designed for easy handling of users and it doesn’t affect mileage, thus reducing the cost of petrol.


  • Aerodynamic in shape.
  • It is made up of ABS plastic.
  • Compatible with any weather conditions. 100% weatherproof.
  • Easy to install.
  • Four different sizes with different capacities, Alpine, Large-L size, and XX-large-XXL.
  • Built-in lifter provided.
  • Two-way lids opening provided.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is durable in nature.
  • Capacity up to 22-24 cubic feet.


  • Box needs to be left a bit empty for proper closing.
  • Doesn’t allow any luggage to be placed above the box.
  • Sometimes the front opens.

Thule Atlantis 1600 Black Pebble


atlantis 1600 black pebble





Thule Atlantis 1600 Black Pebble comes with special features which include easy installation, easy to use, two-way lid opening to provide its users comfort in packing their luggage. It fits with any factory racks so no need to worry about buying extra racks.


  • Easy to install. Doesn’t require any tool for installation.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Carries up to 16 cubic feet of cargo which is huge.
  • Quick grip mounting system for easy loading.
  • Comes with a black pebble finish.
  • Aerodynamic in shape.
  • Compatible with all types of weather.
  • Easily fits into car roof.
  • Dual side lid opening for easy loading and unloading of luggage from either side of the vehicle.


  • Doesn’t come with cross-bars.
  • Sometimes the lid gets stuck.
  • The front of cargo is too slim, so care should be taken while filling luggage.

Thule 665C Transporter


thule 665c transporter





Thule 665 can be easily carried with any vehicle. It easily fits in the back of the vehicle, so no need to worry about roof racks. This is 100% weatherproof and also it comes with a good security system. It is fully compatible with 2 inch and 1 ¼ inch receiver hitches.


  • 13 cubic feet storage capacity which can carry about 150 lbs of luggage.
  • When this box is empty, the box tends to tilt to allow a rear view.
  • It has pre-wired tails.
  • It is easy to install and remove.
  • It is weatherproof.
  • It is UV resistant.
  • It is durable.


  • It comes with a pre-wired tails which take power from a 4-pin adapter. So, if you don’t have 4-pin adapter, you need to get it installed.
  • It can’t be lifted by one person.
  • It is compatible only with Class II and Class III vehicles.
  • It is available only in one color.

Thule 682 Sidekick RoofTop Cargo Box


thule sidekick 682 rooftop




This type of cargo boxes are made purposefully for the small cars. It has the capacity of 8 cubic feet and can carry luggage of 110 lbs weight.

Thule 682 Sidekick made UV resistant and with ABS plastic which is durable. It can be used with Thule roof racks and any factory made racks. Installation is quite easy which requires no tools.


  • Passengers can access the cargo from their side easily.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Enough space to carry 110 lbs of luggage.
  • It is UV resistant.
  • Security system is very good as it comes with two locks to secure the contents of box.
  • Heavy-duty design.


  • No support at the button.
  • Specially built for small vehicles.
  • No guarantee on closing mechanism.
  • It needs two people to carry the box to rooftop after luggage is filled.

Thule Cargo Bags & Cargo Baskets

Thule has been the master in manufacturing latest products which will suit the user’s style. Few users don’t like carrying bulky cargo boxes, so for them Thule has developed special cargo bags and cargo baskets which are latest in design and modern in look.

These are well designed to suit the look of your vehicle. Attention has been paid while manufacturing these bags and baskets that they come up with triumph in any condition.

These products are available in different sizes to suit customer requirements. Customers can choose according to their need of how much luggage they need to carry.

Thule products are easy to use and don’t require any real effort in installation or removing. Care has been taken to provide capacity as much as possible so that the users can carry their entire luggage. Special attention has been given to its design.

Thule cargo bags and cargo baskets are designed keeping the fact in mind that it is to be used on the roof. So its design is aerodynamic in nature to reduce any effect of wind. In return, this also helps provide better mileage while carrying a load.

All the products are weatherproof and provide protection to the contents inside them from any type of weather condition. As these are to be placed on rooftop they are specially made UV resistant to remove the affect of sunlight.

There are different models available of Thule cargo bags and cargo baskets.

Let us have a look at few models.

Thule 869 Interstate Cargo Bag


thule 868 outbound




Thule 869 is one of the models which is available in the market. It is a heavy-duty cargo bag which is also waterproof.

The construction of this bag is PVC-free which provides durability to the bag. The bag is easy to install and easy to use. The capacity of 16 cubic feet is great.


  • This bag is built for a heavy-duty purpose.
  • It is IP test verified water resistant.
  • Capacity is 16 cubic feet.
  • Comes with a padded base which protects the vehicle top from abrasion.
  • It is easy to use and installation is also quite simple.
  • It has double-stitched webbing straps to attach it to roof top.
  • Comes with straps which provide compression effect thus reducing friction and noise.
  • The design is made aerodynamic, so no effect of wind.


  • Lack of proper security system.

Thule 868 Outbound Cargo Bag


thule outbound 868





Thule 868 Outbound is also made for heavy duty purpose. The capacity of this cargo bag is fixed 13 cubic feet.

13 cubic feet capacity is also huge when you think of carrying extra luggage. This cargo bag is designed in such a way that it can easily fit your roof top.

Tested and proved weather resistant. It comes with straps through which the cargo bag is to be fixed with roof top. These straps are also heavy-duty and come with double webbing.


  • Made for performing the heavy-duty task.
  • Capacity is 13 cubic feet which can carry bulk luggage.
  • Tested and verified waterproof.
  • It is UV resistant.
  • Comes with double-stitched webbing straps to fix it to the roof top.
  • Easy to install and easy to remove.


  • Needs to be carried by two persons when fully packed.
  • No special security arrangements.

Thule Canyon Cargo Basket


thule canyon basket




Thule Canyon cargo basket is a low-profile design and wedged shape. It is a combination of style and function. It comes with features which allow winds to pass above the cargo.

It is versatile in use and can be used with a broad range of vehicles. It comes with a built-in fairing which reduced the effect of winds and the noise created due to winds. This feature allows the user to maintain the mileage and save money.


  • It is a low profile design product.
  • Aerodynamic in shape.
  • Comes with a built-in fairing which reduces wind effect and the noise created by the wind.
  • Its area is 12 sq ft which can easily provide enough space to carry bulk luggage.
  • Made up of strong tubular steel.
  • Comes with angled sides for easy loading and unloading.


  • Assembling and mounting are tough.
  • Reduces wind noise, but doesn’t remove completely.
  • Requires extra lock to secure to the roof.

Thule 690XT MOAB Basket


thule moab cargo basket



Thule 690XT MOAB basket is built for outdoor adventure lifestyle. It is also called the mother of all baskets due to its large size and weight carrying capacity.

This basket is for those who are planning a long trip or planning to carry a bulk of luggage. Thule 690XT is easy to install and remove. It comes with custom fairing which makes it good looking and protects from winds. It can carry an excess amount of weight around 165 pounds.


  • It is durable in nature.
  • It can carry luggage weighing about 165 pounds.
  • The construction quality is high.
  • It has fairings which don’t allow noises from winds.
  • No effect on mileage thus saves money.
  • Easy to install and it is also easy to use.
  • It has hub system for easy installation.


  • While fitting special attention to be paid. The screw shouldn’t be tightened fully.


There are other accessories which are provided along with few of the products mentioned above. Let us have a look at some of the accessories which will be available with different products.

 Thule 544 Lock Cylinders

Thule 544 Lock Cylinder is available with Thule Sonic and Thule Force series cargo boxes. This product provides security to Thule car racks and accessories. Thule 544 is easy to install in the rack and provides a good security to your content from being stolen. It comes with an extra lock to provide backup if one lock is not working or damaged.

This product is good company for Thule Sonic and Force series cargo boxes as there is no such security system provided. This aid the security to those cargo boxes.

Thule STL2 Snug-Tite Lock One Key System Locking Hitch Pin

Thule STL2  is available with Thule 665C transporter. This lock system is unique as it comes with one key lock system. It comes with two sets of key, one is the set of the key which is used for locking and one set of key is used as a changing key in case one wants to change the lock.

It comes with anti-wobble feature and locking security. It is provided with dust covers which keep the lock clean. It is a perfect complement to the Thule 665C Transporter cargo box and helps to secure your content.


One of the most important features which make Thule products efficient and useful for users is its installation process. All products of Thule come with an installation guide.

The installation of any product manufactured by Thule is easy to install.

For example, let us see the installation process of  Thule 665C transporter. The installation can be done by a single person. With the cargo box you will be getting user manual and hitch pin. If you already have hitch receiver you simply need to pull the box up and place the pin between the hole provided and tight it through bolt. This is as simple.

And to uninstall you just need to remove the pin. All you have to do is to follow the manual and the installation is very easy. All the products are designed in such a way that it allows easy installation and maximum installation don’t require any tools.

You don’t need to be expert with tools to install Thule products. Simply read and follow the instructions and you can install your product whether it is on the rooftop or on the back side. The installation process has been made user-friendly.


Some of the most notable benefits of Thule roof racks include the following:

  • They are sturdily built and long-lasting.
  • They bear more weight than most other roof racks.
  • They are relatively quick and easy to attach or remove.
  • Many of them are aerodynamically designed to save fuel and lower noise levels.
  • They are among the most stylish of all roof racks, whether coated with black plastic or sporting a natural metallic look.
  • They use rust-resistant galvanized steel or rust-proof aluminum that also gives the racks a pleasing shine.
  • They sit low to the roof, unlike some high-sitting competitors, which prevents a needless gap and keeps loads closer to the ground within easy reach.
  • Thule roof racks are custom-fit to a wide range of makes and models.


  • Thule roof racks often cost twice as much as other racks. They are of higher quality, but you will need to use them often to justify the much-increased price tag.
  • While not especially complicated or tedious, nonetheless, these roof racks take longer to install than other brands such as Yakima.
  • The lock cores and keys coming separate and incurring an extra charge seems unnatural since they are a basic feature of the system.


When compared to other similar products in the market Thule cargo box and bags are the best available. Thule products are designed in such a way that user get satisfied in all ways. The products are user-friendly and don’t takes a heavy toll on the user.

These products are specially designed to drive in winds while carrying heavy luggage. These are built for a heavy-duty purpose. The features itself are enough to make everyone interested in using Thule products.

All the products are weatherproof so that the users don’t have to worry about their contents getting wet. Thule cargo boxes and bags are UV resistant to protect the content inside them from sunlight.

Thule products are available in different models. Users have the facility to choose the one which suits them and their vehicle properly. The products are available in colors which don’t affect user’s car image.

One thing common in all Thule product is quality. Thule cargo bags and boxes are one of the best in quality.