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With the Vacatrightline gear cargo carrierions closing in, almost a millions of Americans will be heading out explore their favorite parks and beaches, camp in the mountains and woods. But the first thing that comes to mind for anyone who is planning for a camping trip is, how carry all their luggage and gear in their car. But you can always carry everything you need for your trip, if you have the right rooftop carrier fitted to your car.

But you must search for the best car carrier that can rightly fit your needs and your budget.  

Rightline Gear offers you inexpensive solutions to carry all your excess baggage on the road. The rooftop carriers from Rightline Gear provides you with that additional storage space on top of your car, or with the back carriers or saddles fitted in the back, you can also get more storage on the back of your car.

Rightline Gear – A Brief Intro to Car Top Carriers and Saddlebags

Obviously you don’t need to end up on the wrong side of buying an inexpensive car storage solution that can’t last even for a single trip. But picking the right products is often a tough choice, unless you begin to understand each and every qualities of the product.

So if you are on the lookout for an inexpensive and storage carrier that could provide you with limitless possibilities, then Rightline Gear is the best bet. Rightline Gear products have been the saviour for many families to go on with their camping trips and any other outdoor activities, without needing to worry about their luggage and gear.

Rightline Gear has been in the industry for decades, providing seamless and hassle free top carrier designs for ease of use and durability.

The Rightline Gear has carrier solutions for every type of cars offering various carriers that can be fitted to the top or back, and carrier solutions for sport gear, ace carriers and car top golf bags.

Appearance and Design

It is a top notch company in providing high quality luggage carriers that last long enough with great features that provides you that extra space and storage to carry your extra luggage on the road. All the products are made with tough and heavy duty materials to provide long lasting storage solutions that are easy, durable and safe.

100S50 Sport Jr. Top Carrier

Rightline Gear 100S50
Top carrier from Rightline Gear with a capacity of 9 cubic feet of storage space is the most popular sport top carriers.

With its 100% waterproof technology the carrier material constitute of heavy duty PVC mesh and hydrotuff material re-enforced with nylon PVC.

Also with the urethane coated zipper, the water will not seep into the storage at any point. Also, all Rightline Gear products are UV resistant.



100B90 Cargo Saddlebag

Rightline Gear 100B90

Back carrier from Rightline Gear with a 13 cubic feet of storage space almost resembles a
mid-size car trunk can hold a lot of stuff.

With a strong and durable canvas fabric and water liner inside the saddle bag, that it is not possible for a single drop of water to seep into the saddlebag.


100D90 Car Top Duffle Bags

Rightline Gear 100D90

Duffle bags from Rightline Gear  are the most preferred Duffle Bags when people plan for a trip, as it is specially designed to be used in any kind of vehicle and providing you a moderate storage space of around 4.3 cubic feet.



The reason Rightline Gear products are the most trusted top carrier solutions for your camping and outdoor trips is because they have all the accessories that makes their carrier products top class and take their utility capabilities a touch further. For the Rightline Gear Top Carrier products the accessories that go along with them are:

  • 100650 Non-Skid Roof Pad

rightline gear 100650

Rightline Gear 100650 Non-Skid Roof Pad Source : amazon.com

Even though the top carrier solutions for Rightline Carrier are perfect to carry extra gear, you need to protect your carrier bags not to shift places on the highway, giving an uncomfortable feeling while you are driving.

A Non-Skid Roof Pad can take care of this problem, which needs to be placed below the top carrier and also to protect your costly car’s roof from getting damaged from sharp objects and gear stuffed inside the carrier.

  • 100600 Car Clips

rightline gear 100600

Rightline Gear 100600 Car Clips Source : amazon.com

The Rightline Gear Car Clips allow you to attach any kind of top carriers on vehicles without a roof rack. It needs to be attached to the vehicle’s frame so that carriers are attached in a stronger and safer manner onto the vehicle.


Installing any Rightline Gear product is easy and simple, if you follow the instructions precisely and clearly. The long life of the product depends entirely on how safely and accurately you attach the carrier on the top or back of your vehicle.

You can always get help from some professional retailer to fix the carrier on your vehicle if you are not a DIY person.

  1. The things you need to consider before you put your money on a Rightline Gear Product are:
  2. What type of vehicle is considered to drive for your camping trip?
  3. Whether your vehicle has a roof rack installed or not?
  4. What sort of luggage you are going to carry along for your trip or outing?
  5. Approximately how much weight will your luggage add up to?
  6. What is your budget?
  7. How long is your trip?

The reason you should ask yourself these questions before buying a carrier because, only if you buy the perfect carrier product, will you be able to enjoy any incident free trip, because of any concerns with your luggage or gear.


You can check the short video review of Rightline Gear Cargo Saddlebag which is the best-seller in its own category :


The Rightline Gear Top carriers are aerodynamically designed to save you some gas on the road. They can be carried along in any type of climates as they are 100% waterproof and you can unzip almost all of the top carrier, so you can load/unload from any side of the car.

And you can also attach them to vehicles, whether your car has a roof rack or not. Also Rightline Gear provides high quality and inexpensive cargo bags and vehicle tents to add more fun to your trip.


  • They are 100% waterproof and suitable for all types of weather
  • The ZipRight Zipper system, unlike normal zippers, is an innovative where the zipper is located, not where the flap and bag intersects, but is located inside the protective flap, making it impossible for a water to enter into the carrier.
  • With a Urethane Coated Zipper, not only the protective flap protects water from entering the carrier, but the zipper protects itself from water entering through it onto the carrier.
  • They are aerodynamically designed with unique styling.
  • Installation of the top carriers and saddlebags is very easy and simple and no additional tools are not required.
  • A step by step installation guide comes along with the product.
  • With the correct accessories, Rightline Gear Products may surprise you with their limitless possibilities to provide you extra storage space
  • You can leave all your worries and concentrate on the road about the gear on the top of your car, if you have all your luggages and gear entrusted with a Rightline Gear Top Carrier or Saddlebag.


  • The installation can be sometimes complicated and tough, if you don’t follow the instructions manual correctly.
  • If everything is not tucked in correctly, the flapping noise can drive you mad.


Choosing the perfect carrier solution will certainly make your trip memorable for all the good reasons, than worrying for the all the trouble some reasons, like having a damaged top carrier or a water drenched saddlebag due to the rain. Also you need to select the carrier depending on the type and make of your vehicle, how long is your trip and how much baggage it needs to carry etc., Rightline Gear products have always proved inexpensive but durable, safe and secure.

But if you are choosing Rightline Gear Products, then you can be assured of top notch quality. Along with the right accessories, the Rightline Gear products can enhance its effectiveness to multi-fold.

Whether you are going for your annual vacation, going for an adventure trip with your friends or a fun filled mountain camping trip, always choose Rightline Gear products for all your carrying needs, and you can be rest assured that you will drop a sweat about any extra luggage or the safety of your gear under any circumstances.